The Most Iconic Warped Tour Moments


So Long and Goodnight Warped Tour

 Late 90's and early 2000's kids cry out in angst as the largest traveling music festival comes to an end. Warped tour has been traveling the States each summer since 1995. This year the founder Kevin Lyman announced that 2018 will be the last and final full cross country tour. Musicians and and fans are heartbroken as the biggest festival that brings a variety of heavy music genres including punk, pop-punk, metal, emo, hardcore, and metal core, etc. has its last hoorah. To take a final trip down memory lane here are some of the most iconic moments from the tour through the years.

Warped Tour 2000

When Green Day destroyed then lit their drum set on fire to end their set with the song "Good Riddance."

Warped Tour 2004

When Bert McCraken climbed the rafters to stage dive before playing "Take it Away."

Warped 2009

When Frank Carter of the Band "Gallows" orchestrated a circle pit around him and then joined his fans for some fun.

Warped 2013

When Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides clapped back at a hater while on stage.

Warped 2013

When Chiodos played a new song during the 2013 Vans Warped Tour in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and Craig Owens lead the wall of death to their new song "Behvis Bullock."

Warped 2014

When Parker Cannon of 'The Story So Far' fought security, after he picked a fan who was crowd surfing out and then shoved him to the ground.

Warped 2014

When Attilla set the record for the largest circle pit at Warped Tour in Chicago.

Warped 2017

When a mom pushed her eight month old baby around a a circle pit, in a stroller during Fit for a Kings set.

Warped Tour 2017

When one brave man tried to take on the most pit in a garbage can.

Warped Tour 2017

When Knocked Loose brought on a special and small guest to them sing her favorite song by them.

Warped Tour 2018

That hangry guy who multitasked, by moshing to Kublai Khan's set while eating a can of beans.

Warped Tour 2018

When a guy sacrificed his bowl of Lucky Charms in the mosh pit during Chelsea grins set.

Warped Tour 2018

When Palaye Royal decided to cover "Teenagers" by one of the most iconic emo bands to exist "My Chemical Romance."