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The Ties That Bind

How did this high profile couple survive the “Reality TV Relationship Curse”

Interview by Dove Clark

Photos by Mike Ho

Multi-platinum recording artist Kid Ink and his wife Asiah Collins created a stir in the Hip Hop community in 2017 when Asiah appeared on the E! TV reality series The Platinum Life. The vivacious beauty had always been a behind-the-scenes partner in her man’s career, while Kid Ink created a slew of hits, including chart-busting collaborations with the likes of Chris Brown, Fetty Wap and Usher. Would reality TV and newfound fame for Asiah be the end of a love-filled decade for the duo? Thankfully for the couple, who are married and parents to a young daughter, the “curse” of reality television didn’t strike them down. Throughout the experience, Asiah actually maintained her dignity, and took skills of co-managing Kid Ink’s merchandising and the discipline of balancing family life to the next level as she completed culinary school. Meanwhile, Kid Ink began to slowly re-emerge with new music after a rather lengthy hiatus - a break he’d taken despite garnering those platinum-selling hits and hundreds of millions of plays on YouTube. Inked Magazine sat down for a lengthy discussion with Kid Ink and Asiah to learn more about their journey and growth through fame, family and of course, ink.