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Chances are you’ve seen a few musicians with tattoos in your lifetime…. There’s probably very few out there who DON’T have at least one. But aren’t you curious how they got some of their tattoos and why? Are they mostly random tattoos that were done by a friend whilst on tour? Or do they have a bigger, weirder story behind them?

Alt-rock artist Vesperteen, AKA, Colin Rigsby has more than a few tattoos — twenty three to be exact. And while music is his main passion, he has an intense love for visual art — so much so, that he designs all of his own artwork for all of his projects. When it comes to his tattoos, they all mean something special to him — one in particular, a broken heart with music notes bursting out of it on his forearm, marked a special time for him: “The 3rd tattoo I got was around 18 years old. I had recently made the big decision to not accept several art scholarships to some amazing art schools and instead go on tour with my first real band.


I got this tattoo of a broken heart with music notes bursting out of it — The symbolism is obvious. To me it represented how I felt like I could not keep my passion for music inside. I had a choice, but it also felt like there was no choice. I've still made art a huge part of my musical career, but this tattoo immortalizes my feelings at that time.”

Colin released his newest track, “It Will Never Be Enough” in December and is ready to head out on another US tour running March through April. In addition to playing some summer festivals, “I’ve been writing and recording lots of new material to be released very soon,” Colin Says. It will likely be a full year of live performances, new music, and of course, “Many more tattoos!”

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