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Hey Girl, Did Ryan Gosling Get A Dad Tattoo?

March 6 2015

The internet, and Kim Kardashian, blew up when Kanye West debuted his latest ink, the Roman numerals of his daughter’s birthday.  While as sweet as getting a tattoo for his first child may seem, the real explosion occurred when it... [ read more ]

The Captain of Black and Grey

March 6 2015

Captain America #1 is one of the most expensive comic books in the world, especially now that Steve Rogers has become the household friendly face of Marvel‘s blockbuster, The Avengers.  Before The Avengers, however, comic fans got the thrill to experience The First... [ read more ]

Meet the Tattooed Girl Next Door

March 6 2015

Kaitie Rosiu, today’s Inked Girl of the Day, got her first tattoos immediately after turning 18-years-old. Once she no longer needed someone else to sign for her Kaitie was in the shop eager to get some ink. The beauty from... [ read more ]

Two Heads Are Better Than One

March 6 2015

Today’s skull of the day is this impressive back piece by Jak Connolly.  Connolly is a highly talented black and grey artist based in the United Kingdom.  While his work is typically black and grey, it borders more on surrealism... [ read more ]

How Many Styles of Tattooing Can You Spot in One Tattoo?

March 6 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day comes from the incredible Rember Orellana! Orellana is based at Dark Age Tattoo Studio in Denton, Texas. and currently booked through March 2017!  That’s one hell of a wait list, and with such a high... [ read more ]

Knuckle Up and Protect Your Phone

March 6 2015

Some times the best defense is a good offense, even when it comes to phone cases. Today’s InkedShop Product of the Day, the Knuckle Duster iPhone Case, not only protects your phone but it allows you to wreck everyone else’s... [ read more ]

Tara Reid Poses Wearing Only (Fake) Tattoos

March 5 2015

Last night Tara Reid caught the attention of the internet for something other than acting alongside tornados filled with sharks. In an Instagram/Vine post that was almost immediately removed the American Pie actress posed in the shower wearing nothing more than... [ read more ]

8 Tips To Make Tattoos Hurt Less

March 4 2015

It’s a pretty well known fact that tattoos are going to hurt, and for the most part, there’s no way to eliminate all of the pain, but there are a few key things you can do to ensure that your tattoo... [ read more ]

The Story Behind this Man’s Tattoo Will Warm Your Heart

March 3 2015

Just last week we thought that we had found the parents of the year after a pair got tattoos to match their child’s birthmark. Well, there’s another man in the running after photos of a father’s tattoo of a hearing... [ read more ]

Ankle Tattoos

March 2 2015

Sometimes the best things come in the tiniest packages.  While the ankle may not be the largest of canvases for a tattoo, it does provide a cool space for some really innovative and original designs.  Check out this list below... [ read more ]

Kim Stops Kanye from Tattooing His Face

February 27 2015

Kanye West got new ink honoring his late mother Donda West and daughter North West. The self-proclaimed “God” initially wanted to tattoo his face, but wifey Kim Kardashian did not approve. Last night Mrs. West tweeted pictures of the process... [ read more ]

Amber Rose Takes on the Kardashians

February 17 2015

Gallery Follows Text Over the last 24 hours Amber Rose has been engaged in a brutal twitter battle with America’s First Family of Reality TV, the Kardashians. Rose, who has graced the cover of Inked in the past, appeared to... [ read more ]

Get Inked, Any Way You Want It

Get Inked, Any Way You Want It

Get Inked, Any Way You Want It