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Timmy B Has Tattooing in His Heart

February 27 2015

When it comes to new school style tattooing few artists are as well known and respected as Timmy B. One might even say that Timmy has tattooing in his heart. In this sick neck piece that he recently posted onto... [ read more ]

Gargantuan and Gorgeous

February 27 2015

For the last couple of weeks, illustrative tattoo artist London Reese has been documenting the progress of his latest full back piece on Instagram.  Now that the piece is finished, Reese has shared a fully healed photo of the tattoo... [ read more ]

Think Before You Ink

February 27 2015

Thinking about getting a new tattoo but not sure if you’re going to like the placement?  Or maybe you are thinking about getting your very first tattoo and are still unsure if you could commit.  Since getting a tattoo is... [ read more ]

Tattoo Trivia

February 27 2015

Think you know everything there is to know about tattoos and tattoo history?  Take this tattoo trivia quiz and find out!

Handcuffs You Actually Want on Your Wrists

February 27 2015

If you are a law-abiding citizen chances are that you spend the majority of your life terrified of having handcuffs slapped on to your wrists. Aside from the pink and fuzzy brand of handcuffs one can rarely expect good things... [ read more ]

Nathalie Keeps it Sexy in the Garage and the Bedroom

February 27 2015

From the second we saw Nathalie Vermeij, today’s Inked Girl of the Day, she stood out from the crowd. It’s not every day that you find a woman with killer looks, great tattoos and the ability to get dirty in... [ read more ]

[INKED COVERGIRLS] x Megan Massacre

July 18 2011

A fresh new video series presented by Inked Magazine featuring your favorite... [ read more ]

Little Monsters

February 4 2010

Riding high on the success of her last album as well as her chart-topping follow up album, Lady Gaga, decided to pay homage to her fans. On Twitter, Gaga wrote, “ook what i did last night. little monsters forever, on... [ read more ]

Boston Gets INKED

June 4 2010

McGreevy’s Industry Sundays and Inked Magazine have partnered for the official Boston launch party of Inked Magazine’s June issue on Sunday, June 6, 2010 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. The event is free and open to the public ages... [ read more ]

A Room With a View

February 7 2011

Thank you Philly! You guys hosted yet another amazing convention – arguably the best we’ve been to yet! The Inked booth was the place to be! There was no shortage of cute tattooed ladies coming by to have their photos... [ read more ]

Megan Fox’s Marilyn Obsession

August 23 2011

Reasoning behind Megan Fox’s mysteriously disappearing Marilyn Monroe tattoo is revealed. The inked-up actress who was a huge fan of the hollywood legend has decided to get the legend’s face removed from her arm. “It’s a negative character, as [Marilyn... [ read more ]

“Tatman” Ryan Roberts of the Arizona Diamondbacks Talks Tattoos

October 7 2011

Ryan Roberts of the Arizona Diamondbacks said he appreciates when people ask him about his many, many tattoos. Roberts told Big League Stew, “When I first started getting tattoos, I never expected to get a lot. Over the course of... [ read more ]

Get Inked, Any Way You Want It

Get Inked, Any Way You Want It

Get Inked, Any Way You Want It