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This Model Went to Extreme Lengths to Look Like This

July 6 2015

Sarah Marie Summer always knew that she always wanted big boobs. When the large breasts she dreamed of didn’t show up naturally she took matters into her own hands, well, technically the hands of a surgeon. After three separate surgeries... [ read more ]

Meet The World’s Most Patient Dog

July 6 2015

This has to be the most patient dog on Earth. Instead of turning these birds and hamsters into a quick meal like pretty much any other pup we’ve ever met would have, this golden retriever befriends the little creatures. What... [ read more ]

Tattoo Collector – Johnny Cisneros

July 6 2015

With a nickname like “The Tattooed Terror” you wouldn’t guess that Johnny Cisneros was actually an affable, almost soft-spoken, guy. Cisneros sat down with SullenTV to discuss his tattoo collection and in the video the professional MMA fighter who is... [ read more ]

Rice Paddy Art

July 6 2015

For years we believed that the only two things rice was good for was eating (obviously) and throwing at weddings. Then we were introduced to the world of rice paddy art. By very carefully planting a few different varieties of... [ read more ]

You Won’t Believe What this Raccoon Can Do

July 6 2015

Meet Melanie the raccoon. In the gallery below you can watch as Melanie does things you would have never imagined a raccoon could do. Honestly, Melanie is more talented than at least a couple of the children that I know.... [ read more ]

Surreal Portrait Tattoos

July 2 2015

From its birth in the 1920’s the goal of surrealism was to meld the worlds of reality and dream into one. Possibly the most effective way to do that is by altering what people consider to be the most important,... [ read more ]

The Inspirational Tale Behind Those Semicolon Tattoos

July 1 2015

Gallery Follows the Text When I started noticing semicolon tattoos becoming prevalent within the tattooing community I couldn’t help but wonder what the significance of it was. It had to be something much more significant than a movement bucking Kurt... [ read more ]

10 Types of Tattoos That Drive Women Wild

July 1 2015

We’ve previously given you a list detailing the kind of tattoos that women want. Well, here’s a second one but with a slight catch. These aren’t tattoos that women want for themselves, these are tattoos that women want to see... [ read more ]

Eyelid Piercings

June 30 2015

First it was the eyebrow piercing, then the bridge, and lastly the anti-eyebrow. Considering that you can’t pierce your eyeball we thought that the entire eye region had been covered. Turns out that there is a hot new trend proving... [ read more ]

Bloody Maria

June 29 2015

Unlike regular make-up artists, special effect make-up artists tend to terrify rather than beautify. Meet Maria, she spends her time making herself extra bloody for her followers. Check out her creepy, yet awesome special effect make-up skills in the gallery... [ read more ]

Tattooed Wedding Cake Toppers

June 26 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Every wedding cake looks the same. A couple of tiers, icing, and a boring topper featuring a faceless couple that looks nothing like the people actually getting hitched. This has always irritated us and we thought... [ read more ]

Lady Gaga Takes Her Tattoos to the Beach

June 18 2015

Gallery Follows the Text These days, we’re really big fans of the one and only Lady Gaga. First, because she’s given us no reason not to be, but most because she flaunts her tattoos loud and proud and looks fabulous doing... [ read more ]

Sydney Leroux, the Tattooed Star of the US Women’s Soccer Team

June 8 2015

Tonight the United States Women’s Soccer team kicks off their quest for a third World Cup title when they play Australia at 7:30 pm ET Monday night. One of the stars of the team, Sydney Leroux, dazzles us with both... [ read more ]

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