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The World’s Scariest Tattoo Removal

September 4 2015

As much as we try to prevent them from happening, bad tattoos exist. And since tattoos are around for your entire life when you suffer the misfortune of a bad tattoo you usually want to get rid of the offensive... [ read more ]

Tattoos of the Baphomet

September 4 2015

During the 19th century, the Baphomet or “The Sabbatic Goat”, was a deity drawn up by author Eliphas Levi as a symbol of the absolute. While Levi intended the Baphomet to represent both good and evil, the figure went on... [ read more ]

Tattoo Collector Yuki Ikeda

September 4 2015

In this version of SullenTV’s Tattoo Collector series we meet Yuki Ikeda, a collector from Oakland, California. While he had a couple of little scratcher type tattoos previously, it wasn’t until 2007 that Ikeda started collecting seriously. It was a... [ read more ]

Tattoo Artists To The Stars

September 4 2015

Stars, they’re just like us! They go shopping, eat tacos and get tattoos. But when they go to get inked not just any artist will do, celebrities can be very discerning about their tattoo choices. Check out this gallery featuring... [ read more ]

Monochromatic Tattoos

September 3 2015

There are somewhere around 10,000 different colors of tattoo ink out there, but the talented artists behind these tattoos didn’t need any more than one. One might think that this would make these tattoos simple but that’s not the case.... [ read more ]

Skull Cakes

September 3 2015

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, our minds are always on the macabre. Because of that we think about skulls all of the time. Skulls on our shirts, tattoos of skulls, skull necklaces and skulls on our... [ read more ]

16 Beautiful Canvases

August 28 2015

Gallery Follows the Text We celebrate women on a daily basis here at Inked, which is why we figured it would only be right to acknowledge the beautiful canvases tattooists are lucky to work on. (And dare we say the... [ read more ]

Pagan Tattoos

August 28 2015

Ancient symbols are perfect for tattoos, by existing in culture for centuries they’ve already proven that they are timeless. That’s why so many people opt to have pagan symbols inked onto them. Each one is rife with symbolism so you... [ read more ]

DIY: Hair Tapestry Is All The Rage

August 20 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Push the pastel hair dye aside, hair tapestry is taking over. A few weeks ago, the world went color-crazy as ladies dyed their hair to match that of the rainbow (even Alysha Nett partook in the trend). Before that,... [ read more ]

Tattooed Gang Members as Skin Rugs

August 19 2015

Renato Garza Cervera is an artist from Mexico City who has a pretty interesting mind. For instance, in this Of Genuine Contemporary Beast project he looked at a “bear skin rug” and saw a “bare skin rug.” For this project... [ read more ]

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