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Did You Know—MRIs Can Affect Tattoo Ink

December 1 2015

There are a thousand reasons to be afraid of getting an MRI. Whether those fears come from the inevitable claustrophobia one will feel inside that tiny little tube or from learning the diagnosis that awaits when the test is finished... [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Brittany Hetzer

December 1 2015

Brittany Hetzer is one of the most beautiful inked models that we have seen for quite some time. You may recognize her from the cover of a recent issue of Inked Girls where she took part in a sultry photo shoot with... [ read more ]

10 Tattoo Artists That Changed the Industry

December 1 2015

In every industry from fashion to biology, there are innovators who drastically modify their professions for generations to come. Our knowledge of theoretical physics would not be the same without Albert Einstein, the world of photography would be lacking without... [ read more ]

Tinderella: A Modern Fairy Tale

December 1 2015

Dating apps have become such a norm in the dating world. From seeking long term relationships to just a hook up, there is an app for it all. It can take seconds for us to get matched with people we... [ read more ]

Grab The Perfect Gift For Everyone on Your List

December 1 2015

Now that the whirlwind of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the two crazy days in between has passed we must resign ourselves to the fact that all of the good deals are in our rearview, right? Not so fast, my... [ read more ]

This Toddler’s Walker is Out of This World Thanks to a Tattoo Artist

November 30 2015

It’s the season of giving, and tattoo artist Nathan Gerger has taken that to heart in the best way by decking out a walker for two-year-old Henri “Kai” Grabill. Kai has a condition called hypotonia, which manifests in a lack... [ read more ]

Did You Hear About the Guy With an Isis Tattoo?

November 30 2015

Patrick Hastie, a comedian from Brooklyn, recently shared a story about a tattoo gone wrong that left us in stitches. His anecdote reminds us why people should think twice before getting inked and why we have been blessed with so... [ read more ]

Bad Ass Boots Every Girl Needs

November 28 2015

Gallery Follows the Text A girl cannot deny her love of shoes. I don’t care who you are or what kind of attitude towards fashion you have, if you see a pair of shoes that tickles your fancy you have... [ read more ]

Christmas Cakes

November 27 2015

Anybody can show up at their work holiday party with a plate of stale cookies they found at the supermarket, but you want to make a splash. You want to do something different and stand out from the crowd, and... [ read more ]

The Twelve Skulls of Christmas

November 27 2015

The great philosopher Glenn Danzig hit the nail on the head (dad joke intended) when he sang, “I want your skulls. I need you skulls.” We love skulls and we can’t get enough. What better way to feed our skull... [ read more ]

David Beckham’s Tattoos

November 25 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Some may love David Beckham for marrying Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham). Others love him because he is a soccer playing God. People magazine loves him because he is the Sexiest Man Alive in 2015. We love him because... [ read more ]

InkedShop Girl Approved Gifts

November 25 2015

We love Inked Girls and they love the InkedShop. If you are shopping for the tattooed girl(s) in your life here’s a few gifts that the experts (tattooed models) liked enough to share on Instagram.

Inked Memes

November 24 2015

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