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Pin-ups For Vets, By Vets

May 22 2015

Full Photo Gallery Follows the Text Sexy pin-up calendars produced by veterans in support of veterans? Talk about a Memorial Day celebration! Pin-Ups For Vets is a national non-profit organization founded by Gina Elise, a woman who has been keeping... [ read more ]

Who Needs Bling When You’ve Got Ink?

May 22 2015

If money was not an issue I can guarantee you that we would all be wearing necklaces so heavy that they destroyed our posture. But, sadly, money is an issue. Luckily you can still rock some sick bling even if... [ read more ]

The Perfect Playlist For Memorial Day Weekend

May 22 2015

Your long weekend is launching, finally. With that comes the playlist that aid’s the road trip to your family’s lake house, drinks on the beach, or backyard barbeque. Like your playlist, the music keeps changing; what would you have starred... [ read more ]

Kinky Vacation Spots On KinkBNB

May 22 2015

GALLERY OF KINKBNB LOCATIONS BELOW THE TEXT Maybe it’s too late to spice up your Memorial Day weekend vacation plans. Maybe not. Whether you’re making last minute getaway or future vacation plans, KinkBNB may just be the website you’ve been... [ read more ]

Tattoos That Look Exactly Like Photographs

May 22 2015

The greatest compliment you can give a tattoo artist upon completion of a portrait is to tell them that it looks like the photo. Sometimes a tattoo is so realistic looking that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the... [ read more ]

Skate and Surf Festival 2015 Photos

May 22 2015

Last weekend, more than 50 bands took over five stages in Asbury Park, New Jersey for the 2015 Skate and Surf Festival. Punk, emo, hardcore, metal, and some acoustic acts kicked out the jams to thousands of people from all over... [ read more ]

‘Mad Max’ Actresses Get Matching Tattoos

May 21 2015

GALLERY OF PHOTOS BELOW THE TEXT In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, 19-year-old Australian actress Courtney Eaton opened up about her acting debut in the new film “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Eaton plays “Fragile,” one of five women who... [ read more ]

Hit The Beach With These Inked Girls

May 20 2015

Memorial Day weekend is so close that you can almost touch it. That means that summer is upon us, friends! Now that the weather is finally warm we can start to shed some clothes and hit the beach. To get... [ read more ]

11 Badass Firepits

May 13 2015

That special time of the year has come, when it’s finally warming up just enough to hang out in your backyard but also cool enough that you might still need to light up a log or two. When the sun... [ read more ]

10 Tattooed Relatives of Celebrities

May 12 2015

We all read the headlines every time Miley Cyrus gets a new tattoo, but have you seen her brother Trace Cyrus’ entirely inked up upper body? Obviously rock and roll legend Steven Tyler has some tattoos of his own, but... [ read more ]

10 Things Your Tattoo Artist Wants You To Know

April 29 2015

Tattooing—both the acts of getting and giving tattoos—is a complicated thing. In fact, there are way more ins-and-outs to the process than the average person realizes. If you don’t spend 60 hours a week in a tattoo shop you might... [ read more ]

Creative Infinity Symbol Tattoos

April 24 2015

Infinity symbol tattoos have been a trend of the past three or so years, just enough time to get inventive. Following are some interesting ideas working with the idea and flow of the infinity symbol. Please use them as inspiration... [ read more ]

Butts and Pieces

April 24 2015

9 tattooed girls whose booties make us want to follow them to wherever they want to lead us.  

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Get Inked, Any Way You Want It

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