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Nail Harley Quinn’s Tattoos with this Suicide Squad Tutorial by Alexa Poletti

October 5 2015

With the recent explosion of films from both DC and Marvel, we’ve seen classic comic book heroes revived into cinematic titans time and time again. And after spending some time evaluating both movie studios, it is safe to say that... [ read more ]

Things We Love

October 5 2015

Here at Inked we spend a lot of time thinking about the tattoos that we want and the artists we admire, but there’s more to us than just tattoos. We also like stuff! In this gallery we’ve gathered some of our... [ read more ]

Samurai Tattoo Designs

October 5 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Samurai are warriors that originated in Japan as early as the 10th century and were treated with great respect in society until the mid 1800s. During that period, they dedicated their lives to serving their master. They... [ read more ]

Masculine Tattoos

October 5 2015

Not every flower tattoo is girly, and not every skull tattoo is manly; it all depends on the artist and design. For those of you who don’t know or have a hard time figuring out which tattoos have a more... [ read more ]

Let Your Kid’s Inner Monster Out to Play – Macabre Photography by Locked Illusions

October 5 2015

While some parents claim that their children are perfect angels, it is fair to admit that even the most polite kids can be a little bit devilish at times. Brit Bentine of Locked Illusions Photography in Houston, Texas, recognizes that... [ read more ]

Feminine Tattoos

October 5 2015

Whoever says that girls with tattoos can’t be feminine better get their eyes checked. Because here is our pick of tattoos that emphasize the beauty of femininity. From flowers to adorable animals to elegant script, you’ll love these tattoos whether... [ read more ]

Tattoos With Unexpected Meanings

October 2 2015

From tear drops and spiderwebs to roses and crosses, there are a continuously growing number of meanings for tattoos. While some choose to create their own meanings for their ink, others have a more general symbolism to them. To name... [ read more ]

Are These Tattoos Real or Fake?

October 2 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Let’s play a little game, shall we? Here at Inked we see thousands of tattoos a day, but even we get a little struck by the quality of some tattoos—so much so that we second guess their authenticity.... [ read more ]

The Tattoos of Lady Gaga

October 1 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text It’s no secret that Lady Gaga is a force to be reckoned with. Holding the moniker of “Mother Monster” to her loyal fans (or “Little Monsters”) should be intimidating in itself, but her personal and... [ read more ]

Zipper Tattoos

October 1 2015

We can’t help but laugh at the tongue-in-cheek brilliance of getting a zipper tattooed over a scar. I mean, if that zipper was real that surgery would have been so much easier, right? Plus a lot of the time scars... [ read more ]

Artist and Model Courtney Lloyd

October 1 2015

It might be time to move to the UK. Sure, the food might be bland and the weather may be bleak, but the women are out of this world. Meet Courtney Lloyd. The beautiful Lloyd is not only a great... [ read more ]

Scary Costume Ideas

September 30 2015

It’s never too early to start getting ready for Halloween. Every year I always have trouble coming up with what I want to dress up as, so I spend hours scouring the internet looking for ideas. Since I know the... [ read more ]

There Are so Many Sexy Women in the New Inked Girls We Put 2 on the Cover!

September 29 2015

You already know that every time we release a new issue of Inked Girls that it will be filled to the seams with pictures of sexy tattooed women, but this issue is special. Not only were there so many lovely ladies that... [ read more ]

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