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Candid Shots from the SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque Tour

May 6 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Adventure. Excitement. A SuicideGirl craves these things. The counterculture collective of beautiful women spins pop culture in a dazzling and sexy way on stage. Performing under the Inked magazine banner, the SuicideGirls’ Blackheart Burlesque Tour... [ read more ]

Randy Gregory Gets Dallas Cowboys Tattoo After Draft

May 6 2015

There are plenty of stories about people who have done much crazier things to express their love for the Dallas Cowboys. Randy Gregory—the defensive lineman from Nebraska who got picked up by the Cowboys in the NFL Draft’s second round—has... [ read more ]

Your Favorite Celebs as Gingers

May 6 2015

Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity (and Rob Pattinson) would look like if they were gingers? Australian Tumblr Put a Rang on It has added red hair and freckles to stars from Gwen Stefani to Marilyn Manson. Click through... [ read more ]

Start Your Humpday with Some Inner-Species Humping

May 6 2015

It’s humpday. Half-way through the week, and you need something to take your mind off of the weekend that just seems so far away. This should do the trick. People love pictures of animals, and people love porn. You’re really... [ read more ]

Cinco Boozy Horchata Recipes

May 5 2015

So you’re out with your friends and they want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but you hate margaritas. Even though you can find them in almost any flavor, you’re just not having it. Maybe you dated a girl named Margarita... [ read more ]

Creepy Cakes from the Conjurer’s Kitchen

May 5 2015

If you thought that the only important thing about food was how it tastes you may as well click on the back arrow now. The presentation of food enhances the flavor tenfold, especially in the world of desserts. Annabel de... [ read more ]

Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurdy Inks Supermodel Cara Delevingne for Met Gala

May 5 2015

GALLERY OF BANG BANG’S WORK ON DELEVINGNE BELOW THE TEXT When celebrities walk down the red carpet at high-profile events like the Met Gala that everyone is reading and writing about today, the question they’re most asked is “Who are... [ read more ]

Tattoos Inspired by Mexican Culture

May 5 2015

Today is Cinco de Mayo, the anniversary of when General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin was able to lead the Mexican army to an unlikely victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. No, it’s not Mexican Independence Day like some... [ read more ]

16 People Who Just Had Their Day Ruined

May 4 2015

Sometimes something so horrible happens that it doesn’t matter how well the other 23 hours and 59 minutes of a day may go, your day is ruined. We’ve collected some pictures that capture that moment happening to some poor, unfortunate... [ read more ]

British Couple Tattooed On 95% Of Their Bodies

May 4 2015

GALLERY OF JACQUI AND CURLY’S TATTOOS BELOW THE TEXT We’ve all heard that cliché love story a million times: woman gets divorced, woman goes to tattoo shop to get tattoo celebrating that divorce, woman falls for her tattoo artist, woman... [ read more ]

10 Things Your Tattoo Artist Wants You To Know

April 29 2015

Tattooing—both the acts of getting and giving tattoos—is a complicated thing. In fact, there are way more ins-and-outs to the process than the average person realizes. If you don’t spend 60 hours a week in a tattoo shop you might... [ read more ]

Tweet Goes Viral When Teen Sees 12-Year-Old Self in Footballer’s Ink

April 17 2015

When England took the pitch to face Italy on Tuesday night viewers took to Twitter to comment as sports fans often do. What made Tuesday’s match different was that the bulk of the commentary focused on the ink of Ryan... [ read more ]

Name That Inked Girl

April 7 2015

How well do you know your Inked Girls? For example, do you think you can identify them without seeing their faces? Well, it’s time to test your knowledge. If you’re a true aficionado you should be able to name all 11 of... [ read more ]

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