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Where the Wild Things Are

August 3 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text It’s four on a Thursday afternoon, and Machine Gun Kelly is asking a stranger in his House of Blues dressing room to read his ribcage to him. That’s where a particularly memorable tattoo of a... [ read more ]

Unconventional Piercings

August 3 2015

Just like tattoos, piercings are another great way to express yourself, and here at the Inked office we support that freedom 100 percent. In the past we’ve covered both popular and less common piercings, like Piercings Women Want and Eyelid Piercings.... [ read more ]

Watch: Dirt Biker Rides Wave

August 3 2015

Do you know what’s baller? Riding a friggin’ wave on a dirt bike. That’s it, we have nothing left to add save Robbie Maddison wins Shark Week.

Beauty Inspired Tattoos

August 3 2015

Not every single tattoo has to be dark and filled with skulls. Though most of those tattoos are awesome, there are some people that prefer to have their tattoos extremely bright, bubbly, and sometimes filled with beauty products. The tattoos... [ read more ]

Salt & Pepper Portraits

August 3 2015

Virtually everyone uses salt & pepper when they are cooking, only a very skilled few use the spices to create art. We can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to create the pieces of art featured in the gallery... [ read more ]

Henna Heals

August 3 2015

Gallery Follows the Text There is something very special about the henna crowns that you are going to see in the gallery below. No, it’s not the artistry involved in creating them, although the artistry is clearly exceptional. It’s the... [ read more ]


July 31 2015

Gallery Follows the Text These tattoos aren’t all sleeves or only black-and-grey like many of our categorized lists. Some are style mashups, some are solely realism, some are just abstract. The following 12 tattoos are simply a gallery showcasing stellar pieces of... [ read more ]

Get in the Octagon With Ronda ArouseMe – Exclusive Pics From the MMA Porn Parody

July 31 2015

Exclusive Photo Gallery Follows the Text There’s one sure way to know that you’ve made it in America—when you see a porn parody being made about you. By this rationale MMA sensation Ronda Rousey has finally made the big time.... [ read more ]

Creative Tattoo Masks

July 30 2015

We love masks. Sometimes they’re silly, sometimes they’re scary, but they’re always fun. Wouldn’t be cool to have a mask you can throw on at a moment’s notice? That’s what these tattoos do! Put your hand over your mouth and,... [ read more ]

Rihanna Spends A lot Of Time In Her Bikini…

July 30 2015

Gallery Follows the Text It’s no secret Rihanna has a killer bikini body. With just a glance at her social media, one could even say she lives by the motto, “If you got it, flaunt it.” She’s certainly got it in addition to her angelic... [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Tawny Taylor

July 29 2015

The other day we saw a gorgeous picture of Tawny Taylor (image #4) and threw it up on our Instagram. Within hours over 13,000 people liked the post and were clamoring to see more of Tawny. We’re here to please,... [ read more ]

Things You Should Know Before You Cover Up Your Ink

July 14 2015

Sometimes people do not think before they ink. Not enough research on an artist, looking for the cheapest tattoo, or possibly even getting tattooed while intoxicated could all be the reason that you have a really bad looking tattoo. Before... [ read more ]

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