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Woody Comes to Life

February 26 2015

Every once in a great while we see a tattoo that is so insane that it makes us do a double take. This 3D tattoo of Toy Story’s Woody is definitely one of those. Once we picked our collective jaw off... [ read more ]

Watchful Watercolor

February 26 2015

Watercolor tattoos are some of the most innovative tattoos out there right now.  By imitating another medium, watercolor tattoos have transformed a lot of what was thought could be done with a tattoo needle.  Whereas realism somewhat mimics the styles... [ read more ]

A Beauty Covered in Black and Grey

February 26 2015

When it comes to choosing her tattoos Sammy King, today’s Inked Girl of the Day, isn’t picky about the subject matter. Her ink has been influenced by all sorts of different factors. But there is one rule that Sammy refuses... [ read more ]

John Borowski’s Inside Look at the Art of Vincent Castiglia

February 26 2015

Vincent Castiglia is a remarkable artist.  Having worked in a variety of media throughout his artistic career, including tattooing, Castiglia is best known for his paintings done exclusively in blood.  For ten years Castiglia has been an innovative force to... [ read more ]

Knuckle Tattoos That Will Crack You Up

February 26 2015

There’s no argument about it, knuckle tattoos are so cool. There’s just so many creative things that you can do with the knuckles. You can cover them with a bunch of little portraits or one large picture that spans both... [ read more ]

Bursting with Color

February 26 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this beautiful piece by Ish Schuurbiers.  Best known as Tattoo Ish, Schurrbiers is a highly talented realism artist based in Curacao.  But have no fear, if you ever want to get tattooed by Schuurbiers and... [ read more ]

The Cat’s Meow

January 27 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this stunning hand piece by Victor Portugal.  Portugal is a highly respected tattooist in the industry known for his heavily detailed, large-scale black and grey work, but every so often he takes on a... [ read more ]

Aarón Sánchez

November 30 2009

The story behind the start of chef Aarón Sánchez’s career is not all that unfamiliar: “I started cooking because I was an undisciplined teenager—coming home late, hanging out with the wrong group of people, not going to school on time—and... [ read more ]

Elvgren Pinups

January 13 2014

American painter Gil Elvgren came to prominence in the 1940′s for painting beautiful pinup girls for a series of calendars. In addition to painting pinup girls Elvgren worked illustrating for magazines such as Good Housekeeping and The Saturday Evening Post through the 1970′s.... [ read more ]

Free Pizza For Life

November 22 2013

The two most beautiful words in the English language are, without a doubt, “free pizza.” The question you have to ask yourself is just how far are you willing to go in order to receive free pizza. Would you get... [ read more ]

Q & A With Jerry Cantrell

October 6 2009

In the ’90s, Jerry Cantrell and his Alice in Chains mates were one of the biggest bands on the planet. The hardest-rocking act to emerge from the Seattle grunge scene, the quartet dominated the charts and airwaves with songs like... [ read more ]

Halle Berry’s tattoo of regret

April 26 2013

As a spokes model for the makeup brand Revlon most would not expect Halle Berry to have a tattoo. Her tattoo of regret is of her ex husbands name, David Justice, and is located on her right butt cheek. She... [ read more ]

Get Inked, Any Way You Want It

Get Inked, Any Way You Want It

Get Inked, Any Way You Want It