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Lettering is one of the most popular tattoo asks around and for many, they choose to get a sentimental word or phrase to remember for the rest of their lives. However, when I got my first lettering tattoo, I went in a completely different direction. At the time, I was a freshman in college and very new to the tattoo scene. That previous year, I'd "read" (come on, most of it isn't even in English) "A Clockwork Orange" and loved the movie. So, me being young and naive, I got the word "horrorshow" tattooed on my chest by a scratcher in my dorm room. Yikes.

I'd originally wanted the tattoo on the top of my back, but the "artist" didn't feel comfortable tattooing that spot. I should have walked away right then. Unfortunately, I didn't and for the last two years, I've been working to get this tattoo removed. Despite his lack of professional training, the tattoo isn't terribly done and if it was in a more hidden location, say my thigh or my back, I probably would have left it alone for a while. However, having it on my collarbone got a lot of unwanted attention over the years, mostly from strange men on the subway or street. It's something I got tired of explaining.

First off, if they didn't know what it was, many people thought it was for "American Horror Story" or said freak show. Second, whether they'd heard of the book or not, once I explained the plot I wish I hadn't. Because while I can appreciate the artistry behind the novel and film, I'm really not down with having a tattoo for a story that's full of violence, torture and rape. I've certainly moved past my angsty teenage phase and as an angsty adult, I'd rather be more discrete with my tastes in literature.

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