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Aaron Hernandez Comes to Court With a New Tattoo

The last time we saw former NFL star Aaron Hernandez he was in a Boston courtroom being sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after being found guilty of the murder of Odin Lloyd. Thursday morning he returned to court with something that he didn't have during his last appearance—a new tattoo.

Peeking out from under Hernandez's suit coat was a black and grey tattoo on his neck featuring a star and the word "Lifetime." Considering a "lifetime" is the same amount of time that Hernandez has been sentenced to prison we're guessing that the ink is related to his incarceration and not a tattoo plea to get the popular cable channel to make a made for TV movie about his life. Nor do we think it is a reference to the hardcore band that brought us "Jersey's Best Dancers."

If you take a good look at the picture (via OnlyInBoston's Twitter) you can see that there is a bit more to the design that is hidden by the suit coat. It almost appears as if the word "guilty" (with a hand making the Y) may be underneath "lifetime," although that's just speculation on our part. This is probably the only look we're going to get to see of the ink considering that we probably won't see him outside of a courtroom ever again.

Recently Hernandez had been sent to a segregated portion of the MCI-Shirley Souza-Baronowski Correctional Facility after allegedly participating in a fight. An unnamed source told ABC News that Hernandez had a new tattoo referencing the Bloods gang. The issue of potential gang-related tattoos came up long before Hernandez was even on trial. Prosecutors were looking into questioning tattoo artists about some of Hernandez's ink but whatever they learned, if anything, was never brought up in the trial.

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