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Adam Levine Shows Off Enormous Back Tattoo

Photo by Milo Decruz

Photo by Milo Decruz

Another day, another new tattoo for Adam Levine. At this rate the Maroon 5 singer and judge on The Voice will be out of real estate in no time. Behati Prinsloo, Levine's wife, went on Instagram and shared her husband's finished back piece with followers late on Monday night. The enormous mermaid scene takes up the majority of Levine's back and left us very impressed with the work of his artist, Bryan Randolph. 

We had first gotten a glimpse of the ink when Levine teased us back in November by posting an ultra close shot of the mermaid. A little later on Levine posted a shot of what we assumed was the finished product. Oh how we were mistaken. Where there was once a mermaid in a void with a couple of unrelated tattoos, there is now an entire ocean scene complete with crashing waves, a sunset and sparrows.


One interesting thing to note about Levine's new ink is that portions of it, particularly the background, serve as a cover up. The clouds cover up a pinup girl on his left shoulder blade and a paw print tattoo on his right shoulder blade. Randolph's work covering the ink is impeccable, if we didn't know the previous tattoos existed we never would have guessed that this was a cover up. The mermaid scene is a phenomenal example of American Traditional tattooing done right, but as much as we love it, we are a little sad that Levine covered up the tribute to his beloved pup Frankie.

To find out more about the ink all over Levine's body click here and here. Keep coming back to to stay up to date on all of the celebrity inkings.

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Day of the Dead Corkscrew

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Day of the Dead Corkscrew