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Christy Mack Speaks About Alleged Attack by War Machine in HBO Interview

Last night Christy Mack appeared on HBO’s Real Sports to discuss the attack she suffered allegedly at the hands of her former boyfriend MMA fighter War Machine (born Jon Koppenhaver). In the tear filled interview with David Scott, Mack goes into graphic detail about the attack that happened early in the morning of August 8th of last year.

As Mack recounts the brutal beating that left her with myriad of injuries including a lacerated liver, a broken nose and numerous broken teeth it is her attention to detail that will turn the stomachs of viewers; she still remembers the taste of blood on her tongue and the sound of her attacker rifling through a kitchen drawer to find a knife.

The most chilling portion of the interview is when Mack discusses the sexual assault in the video below. The video is very graphically detailed and will likely disturb some viewers.

War Machine did not agree to be interviewed by Real Sports, but he did send a lengthy letter to the program in which he claimed that he was the true victim. War Machine makes the argument that if it weren’t for the media attention given to the case that he would be facing a mere 2-5 years in jail.

“I make an easy villain,” the letter reads. “I’m outspoken, I’m a professional fighter, I’m a felon, I have tattoos and my nickname is War Machine.”

“As for him being made out to be a villain because he has tattoos and is a fighter—I have tattoos and was a porn star,” Mack says in retort. “What makes him more of a villain that me? He broke the law, that’s what makes him a villain. It’s not his job or his looks.”

While making an argument for his innocence War Machine contends that he was ambushed that night and that the incident has been a moneymaker for Mack, another claim that she is quick to dismiss.

War Machine has been in jail since the end of a weeklong manhunt last August. In September he was charged with 32 felonies including attempted murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. Lawyers for War Machine have attempted to reach an agreement resulting in 2-5 years of jail time for their client, Mack and the prosecution refused these offers. The case has yet to come to trial but when it does they will be seeking much more jail time.

“There is no way that I would feel comfortable with him getting out in five years and not killing me,” Mack says. “I told them the minimum I would feel comfortable with was 15 to 20, so that’s what they’re standing with.”

You can see the entirety of the interview and the rest of the Real Sports report on domestic violence in MMA at Our article with Christy Mack is available here.

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