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Friday the 13th Tattoos

While many people consider Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day, especially those people living near Camp Crystal Lake, tattoo artists and enthusiasts think quite differently. Friday the 13th is almost like Christmas for the tattooed; it's the day that you can go into your local shop and get a special Friday the 13th tattoo for a mere $13.

Many shops draw up special flash for the day that ranges from the traditional to the downright silly. Here's a list of some tattoo parlors that are doing the Friday the 13th special. If we didn't list one near you give your local shop a call and see if they're getting in on the fun. It's a beautiful day to go get some fun ink for cheap but don't forget to tip your artist!


Magic Cobra Tattoo Society, Williamsburg
New York Hardcore Tattoos, Manhattan
Asylum Tattoo Studios, Brooklyn

Los Angeles
Alchemy Tattoo, Los Angeles
Illuminati Tattoo Lounge, Orange
Evermore Tattoo, Los Angeles

Royal Flesh Tattoo, Uptown
Tattoo Candy, Old Irving


South Florida
Formula Ink, Fort Lauderdale
Hellcat Tattoo, West Palm Beach

San Francisco
Lefty's Tattoo, SoMa
Moth and Dagger, Chinatown

The rest of the country
Iron Age Tattoo, St. Louis
Philadelphia Eddie's Chinatown Tattoo, Philadelphia
Downtown Tattoo, New Orleans
Artful Dodger Tattoos and Comics, Seattle
Iron Tiger Tattoo, Columbia, Mo.
Skeleton Key Tattoo, Portland
Las Vegas Tattoo Studio, Las Vegas
Little Pricks Tattoo Studio, Austin
Lucky 13 Tattoo, Lakewood, Co.
Minor Ink Tattoo, San Antonio

There are hundreds of other shops out there offering specials, this is far from a definitive list. Get out there and get tattooed!