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In the weeks since Kobe Bryant's death, people all around the world have lined up to get tattoos of the Lakers Legend. The helicopter crash that took the lives of nine people—including Bryant and his daughter—shook the entire country. The effects can be seen through the outpouring of public tributes, including tattoos. Rapper and entertainer 2 Chainz became the latest to use a tattoo to help him get through the loss of Bryant. 

2 Chainz had the number 24 tattooed across his knees, an homage to the number Bryant wore for the tail end of his Lakers career, from 2007-2016. The tattoo was done in Los Angeles by Tat2Nene. 

Like many artists in Los Angeles, this was not the first Bryant tribute tattoo that Tat2Nene has done. Just last week he did a black-and-grey portrait of the Hall of Famer. 

With his Kobe tattoo, 2 Chainz was joining a pretty elite list of celebrities who have gotten tattoos in the wake of the crash. The list includes Bryant's former Team USA teammates Lebron James and Anthony Davis, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Shaq's son Shareef O'Neal and an unknown number of fans all over the world. 

Part of what makes 2 Chainz's tattoo stand out is that it's a little bit different than what we've seen so far. A lot of people have gotten Bryant's jersey numbers tattooed on them, but this is the first time we've seen placement like this. We have to say that when combined with the Lakers shorts, the tattoos make quite the statement. 

Over the coming months, we are guessing that there will be many more Kobe Bryant tattoos as fans and friends alike go through the grieving process.