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In the weeks that have passed since Kobe Bryant died along with eight others in a tragic helicopter crash, fans have been paying tribute to Bryant with tattoos. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. became the latest athlete to get a Kobe-inspired tattoo, joining Anthony Davis, Shareef O'Neal and Lebron James

The tattoo was done by California-based tattoo artist Ganga over the weekend. Ganga specializes in black-and-grey portraiture and he has an impressive stable of regular clients. In addition to the multiple tattoos that he has previously done for Beckham, Ganga also regularly tattoos Nicolas Otamendi, Chris Brown, Ezekiel Elliott and Von Miller.  

Unfortunately, the video above is the only image that we have of the tattoo so far. Neither Beckham nor Ganga have posted the finished product on social media.

Shortly after the crash, Beckham posted a photo of Bryant in a moment of quiet contemplation as he cradled the Larry O'Brien trophy. "You taught us ALL so many valuable lessons Kobe," Beckham wrote. "Your sacrifice and dedication to this game is somethin that ever athlete can admire. You showed us that there is no substitute for hard work. You’ve been thru it, yet u always found a way to overcame it all.

This one hurt beyond words," Beckham continues. "I still can’t believe it. Somethin I live by and constantly remind myself of is that “Tomorrow isn’t promised.” We’re gonna miss u brother. My prayers go out to the Bryant family and others. 2020 is for u champ, that’s my word!!! Rest easy King. Rest easy GiGi. LUV"