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Thanks to his life as a pop star, reality TV judge and all-around celebrity, Adam Levine is naturally a lightning rod for opinions. Some people (like your humble writer) hate his band, Maroon 5, while others loathe the idea of competitive singing shows (OK, also me). But even while gleefully throwing shade towards Levine's projects, one has to respect his taste in artwork. 

Over the years Levine has impressed us with his tattoo collection, most notably his jaw-dropping back piece by Bryan Randolph. This past weekend Levine once again showed that he has impeccable taste in tattoos when he showed off his brand new neck tattoo. 

The beautiful and intricate work was done by Sasha Masiuk. Masiuk specializes in delicate blackwork tattoos and her style fits in wonderfully with all of the work Randolph has done on Levine in the past. The singer joked about cheating on his usual artist this time around, but it's safe to say that nobody will end up regretting this dalliance. 

While we here at Inked are experts on tattoos, we aren't botanists. Bear that in mind when I say that I'm fairly certain the flower upon Levine's neck is a California Poppy. This, of course, would make sense given the star's famous belly rocker

Naturally, Masuik's work is the most impressive new addition to Levine's look, but it's not the only thing that raised eyebrows here in Inked office. Let's take a second to talk about the Travis Bickle mohawk combined with the grizzled beard. Remember back when having a mohawk was dangerous? I'm talking about back in the day when a mohawk meant you were someone not to be fucked with, not that you made your living singing pop ballads to soccer moms all over the country. It just doesn't work for ya, Adam. It feels like you're trying a little too hard. 

But the tattoo works wonderfully. Masiuk's work gives Adam a slightly enhanced edge, as all neck tattoos do, but it has a delicate beauty to it. We love it and hope that we see more of her work on Levine in the not too distant future.