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A mother shows her love in many different ways. From the countless hours looking after and taking after her brood to the tattoos that she chooses to get. In this case, Amber Rose, the well-known model and activist, had the names of her two kids tattooed onto her forehead. 


The tattoos were first spotted in a video for Cool Kicks, where Rose and her boyfriend Alexander Edwards shopped for exclusive sneakers. On Rose's forehead, in delicate script, you'll see the names of her children—Bash and Slash. Bash is the nickname of Sebastian Taylor, the seven-year-old son Rose had with Wiz Khalifa. Slash, or Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, is the three-year-old son Rose has with Edwards.

Rose hasn't formally shared the tattoos on Instagram or other social media, so as of now we don't know the artist responsible for the work. But from everything we can see, the lettering is clean and well-done. 

It's a little surprising that Rose took the leap and decided to get a pair of face tattoos. Given her trademark hairstyle, the tattoos will always be front and center. There's no hiding them under a beard, like Post Malone often does. Then again, showing them off is the whole point of getting a tattoo in the middle of one's forehead. 

The only real problem with Rose's new tattoos that we could think of is what would happen if she has another child? There's no room to throw another name in there, unless you go down to the middle of the forehead. But those are potential problems for another day. For now, what do you think about Rose's tattoos?