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As a person of the internet, it is often difficult for me to tell when a meme has really become ubiquitous within the mainstream. Milkshake Duck, Doge and Success Kid are all second nature to me. Yet 90% of the folks you talk to have no idea who the hell Doge was and certainly don't understand why that pup became a cryptocurrency. 

I've devised a test to determine whether or not a meme has crossed over completely into the world at large—are people getting tattoos of it? And let me tell you, Baby Yoda has taken over the universe. 

One intrepid young gentleman by the name of Brock McLaughlin not only decided to get a tattoo of Baby Yoda, but he rolled a whole 'nother meme into the piece. See it for yourself:

Yup. Baby Yoda is rippin' Claws. This tattoo really exists in our world, so we had to talk to the guy that decided to wear Baby Yoda around for the rest of his life. So grab your favorite flavor of White Claw (unfortunately they don't make it in Frog, yet) and meet Brock.

First off, why? Why did you do this?

I laughed when I read this question out loud. Why not, really. Two things that brought me a great amount of joy this year were White Claw and Baby Yoda.

Who was the artist and how did he/she react to the idea?

The artist was Paul Wolk from Toronto. He's done my work for years.

Obviously, a lot of people on the internet think this is awesome. We think it's awesome. But we don't interact with you on a daily basis... how have friends/family reacted to the tattoo?

My girlfriend is very supportive of it. She's the best and I think was most excited to see it. My friends think it's hilarious but they come to expect things like this from me. I've been taking a lot of photos at the office all morning. The internet, however, seems to be very split but that's to be expected. It brings me joy and at the end of the day, that's what really matters.

I also saw that multiple people were claiming that the tattoo belonged to them on Twitter. Did you expect this kind of reaction?

No. And I hate that. It's a weird flex.

I'm pretty sure that I saw you post that you have a Harambe tattoo, is that right? Why get tattoos of these memes that people will likely not remember by the end of the month?

I do have a Harambe tattoo. I've had that for four years now and get a kick out of it still. It's often dudes at airports that notice it and come up and talk to me or give me a high five. I was in Cincinnati once for work and didn't pay for a drink the entire weekend. Bros loved it.

What flavor White Claw is Baby Yoda drinking here?

Ruby Grapefruit. For the record, Baby Yoda is 50 so he's old enough to drink.

Are you a fan of "The Mandalorian"? White Claw? Or are you just having fun with the ridiculous of how we approach pop culture as a society?

A combination of all 3. I think "The Mandalorian" is brilliant and a good step for the Star Wars series. Where the mainline franchise is very pandering and rooted in its past "The Mandalorian" is free to take bold risks and it's paying off. It's great to have a wide range of directors including women (finally!) at the helm. My only critique is that episodes aren't long enough.

White Claw is just a damn fine, easy-drinking drink.