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Since 2014, comedian Pete Davidson has appeared as a main cast member on Saturday Night Live and over the years, he's made small appearances in various television shows and movies. Now he's taking the big screen by storm in his first starring role in "Big Time Adolescence."

In the film, Davidson plays a college dropout mentoring a suburban high schooler in a radically modern coming-of-age comedy. The film is directed by Jason Orley, a first time director who also wrote the screenplay. In addition to Davidson, the film stars Griffin Gluck (Netflix's "Tall Girl," Fox's "Red Band Society"), Sydney Sweeney (Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale," HBO's "Euphoria") and Machine Gun Kelly (Netflix's "Bird Box," Netflix's "The Dirt").

In the film, which premiered at Sundance and is scheduled for digital release on Hulu on March 20th, Gluck's character is thrust into adulthood by Davidson and company—saying goodbye to childhood by experimenting with alcohol, drugs and tattoos. In the trailer, we even get a small taste of tattooing, with the 16-year-old protagonist flaunting the phrase "Tongue Daddy!" on his chest after being inked by Davidson and Kelly's characters. And if you take a walk down memory lane, you'll remember the Machine Gun Kelly gave Pete Davidson a real tattoo while filming this movie!

"Big Time Adolescence" comes to select theaters on March 13th but is widely released on Hulu on March 20th. Stay tuned for our thoughts on this film when it's released the the masses.