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The forever cool Bruce Willis got a new tattoo at East Side Ink by tattoo artist Orrin Hurley. The 64-year-old action hero a) doesn't age; b) isn't only a hero on screen. He's also a "hero dad" at home. His wife, Emma Heming, says, "He’s the one out there making snowmen, sledding, and swimming. They're wrapped around their daddy’s finger and I’m totally fine with it.”

Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout are Willis' children with Demi Moore; along with Mabel and Evelyn being his children with Emma Heming. (Yes, he has one more Die Hard movie than he does children.) The Golden Globe winner's five daughters range from 4-years old to 30,  but all have a close relationship. While Bruce Willis and Demi Moore split in 1998, they have maintained a friendship as well, thanks to their children. Obviously, family is a big priority in the Willis home(s), and East Side Ink's owner, Josh Lord, gives us a peek into Willis' new tattoo that represents that.

Lord tells INKED that Willis was tattooed by East Side Ink's "walk-in guy that day," Orrin Hurley, and that the Die Hard star was "awesome to hang out with."

Lord assures us that Willis will "definitely be back a lot now" because of the tattoo projects Willis has started. While he was sworn to secrecy on the new-and-upcoming ink, he can tell us that "the tattoos are for his kids."