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Actor Bruce Willis is a badass both on and off screen. In addition to starring in some of the best action films of all time, specifically the Diehard franchise, he's also an avid tattoo collector. Like his daughter Rumor, Willis collects ink in his spare time and within the past few months, he's stopped by NYC's own East Side Ink for new tattoos.

On Monday, June 17th, tattoo artist Jess Mascetti took to Instagram to show a photo of Willis in her tattoo chair, coyly writing "Mondays are alright sometimes," in the caption.

"Bruce is a lefty and 'southpaw' has been a term and nickname that’s been thrown at him since he was a child," shares Maschetti. "We broke up the word 'southpaw' into 'South' and 'Paw' with personal intention. We matched the script style to his existing tattoos. We’ll also be freshening up some of Bruce’s aged tattoos when he’s off set ( don’t worry, we sought permission from the original artist to do so)."

In the past, Mascetti has had many celebrities pass through her chair, including Instagram star Supreme Patty, Orange is the New Black actress Jackie Cruz, and Ruby Rose.

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