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Butterfly tattoos were all the rage back in the late '90s and early 2000s, but it looks like they're making a comeback during this pandemic. First, we saw that Ariana Grande had added some butterflies to her collection a couple of weeks ago, now Cardi B has shown off part of what looks to be a pretty massive butterfly-centric back piece in progress. 

Cardi B's work in progress by Jamie Schene. 

Cardi B's work in progress by Jamie Schene. 

Previously, Cardi had been seen with a relatively small tattoo up near her neck, so there is plenty of space for the new work. The artist responsible for the work is Jamie Schene. Working out of Union 3 Tattoo in Oak Hills, California, Schene is a master at color realism. He brings the same approach to his tattoos that the old masters brought to painting still lifes, often creating his own references as a way to avoid using the same reference material other tattooers have.  

While most of his work is impressive, it's Schene's flowers that steal the show, his tattoos are as lush and vibrant as a botanical garden. 

As Cardi says in the post, there are still two more sessions to go, so one can guess that Schene is going to add a bit of background and more to the piece. Given his previous work, we can be sure that the finished product will be sure to turn heads.