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This week, the audacious New York City rapper behind “WAP” and “Bodak Yellow” Cardi B was seen getting a new face tattoo by artist Robinson De Los Santos on Instagram. The piece appears to be on the left side of her jawline and was done in red ink. In the video, Cardi B is laying on her side, covering up her face with a blue towel as the needle pierces her skin. 

At this time, it remains unclear what the tattoo is of, or what its meaning is (if any). In another image posted by a Cardi B fan page, the jaw piece is more visible in a selfie taken with the tattoo artist after the session was finished. It looks to be some kind of lettering, possibly a short word, acronym or set of initials. All that can be made out is that the last letter is a “P”. 

Fans of the artist had a wide range of reactions to this development. Some people left comments in the post of the video expressing dismay at Cardi for marking up her beautiful face. Others vocalized a more positive reaction, speculating that a new tattoo could mean the artist is releasing new music soon. This inkling may not be far-fetched as the rapper’s debut album Invasion of Privacy came out in 2018, and she has steadily dropped few and far between singles since then. One fan on Twitter with a hunch wrote, “anytime Cardi gets a new piercing or a tattoo, we getting music. Get your coins ready. My sis releasing stress.”

This news comes shortly after Drake revealed his new face tattoo on Instagram as well. Who else do you think is going to jump on this wave of face tats next?