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Few things are as flattering as having a song written about you, it is one of the fringe benefits of marrying a musician. Although it can be a double-edged sword, no one wants to pretend to love a mediocre song just to keep your relationship on the up-and-up. 

Luckily for Chrissy Teigen, her husband isn't a fledgling songwriter trying his hardest to impress her with his craft. He's John Legend, the Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter. Teigen was obviously very moved by her husband's latest ode to her, inking his lyrics, "Ooooh Laaaa," down her spine.

Teigen turned to the incredibly talented Winterstone, aka Daniel Winter, to tattoo the fine-line script on her back. This was not the first time Winter worked with the couple, previously helping the couple commemorate the son they lost this past September. In the video below, you can watch Winter do his work as Legend and Teigen discuss the meaning behind the piece. 

"It's always a blast tattooing Chrissy and John," Winter told us. "They are both such inspiring humans. It's always easy to create around such creative souls!" 

We couldn't agree more. Teigen and Legend are such a genuine couple, it's impossible to watch them together without feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Winterstone's tattoo would be beautiful on its own, but when you hear the story I guarantee your heart will melt.