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After 31 seasons, it's safe to say that pretty much everybody has seen at least a couple of episodes of "The Simpsons." Even the most obscure characters from the show—we're talking the Disco Stews of the world—are known by many people. That being said, it's safe to say that you've never seen the Simpsons look anything like this. 

Canti, a tattoo artist based in Barcelona, has been using the characters as a jumping-off point for some of the most creative and, frankly, insane tattoos that we've ever seen. Each well-known character—Bart, Homer, Lisa, etc.—is thrown through the pop culture ringer by Canti. Sometimes he mashes them up with another famous cartoon (Saiyan Bart), other times he'll use a movie reference (Joker Krusty) and other times he'll turn to a literary reference (Homer S. Thompson). But that's just beginning. 

Then Canti gets a little dark. Most of his tattoos include references to death, Satan or Hell. It's a clever perversion of the themes seen on the show. Episodes of "The Simpsons" certainly get crazy and many of the characters will do some crappy things, but there is always an underlying optimism about life and, in particular, the titular family. Not here.

It's impressive how many creative Simpsons tattoos exist in the world. Fans of the show often want some of the most obscure references tattooed on to them, my personal favorite being this "Milpool" tattoo.  Or they end up getting some truly creative interpretations, like all of the ones that you'll see below. Congratulations Canti, these tattoos are perfectly cromulent.