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Last night I had a very strange dream—I was trying to tattoo Deadpool. 

Now, when I say "trying to tattoo Deadpool" I'm not talking about doing a tattoo of the popular comic book character, and I'm not talking about tattooing Ryan Reynolds. In my dream, I was attempting to give a tattoo to Deadpool, as if he existed in real life. 

I'm not a tattoo artist, just a humble "Tattoo Journalist," so it was already odd that the tattoo machine was in my hands. But it didn't seem at all odd when Wade Wilson walked in—decked in the full outfit including twin katana blades—and asked me if I could do a tattoo of a heart with "Spidey" written inside it. 

After setting up my station I started to tattoo Mr. Pool. I got that first line in, turned away for a second, looked down and it was gone. The line was gone. In that second, Deadpool had completely healed what little work I had done, pushing the ink outside of the skin while doing so. Frustrated, I tried a couple of more times, really getting the needle in there as far as I could. (Reminder: I am not a professional and you should never get tattooed by me)

Nothing. The ink just kept getting pushed out thanks to his ultra-fast healing mutation. 

I woke up incredibly frustrated, confused, laughing and frustrated. So frustrated! Nothing is worse then when the idiocy of my dreams leaks into how I feel in the real world.

So, I turned that frustration into productivity and curated this gallery of Deadpool tattoos. The quick-witted psychopath may not be the most honorable superhero, but he sure does make a damn good tattoo. 

Grab yourself a chimichanga and enjoy this gallery of Deadpool tattoos.