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One of the best things about starting a new year is predicting the upcoming trends, and according to Harper Bazaar, Insider, and the Billy Porter, the 70's are back baby!

We'll be likely to see chunky heels, jumpsuits, and bright colors to start off this new decade—and also some familiar floral and butterfly patterns. Call your mom, it's time to raid her wardrobe.

Your tattoos should follow this groovy trend, because it's pretty fucking cute. From flowers to cars, trippy tattoos are some of the sickest.

In the 70's the tattoo world was changing, this was the year Janis Joplin got her dainty wrist tattoo. Tattoos became more normal, and they became cute! Flash tattoos were hot during this time, and you could get everything from cute fairies to skulls on fire.

Of course the fun thing about reliving trends is the chance to make them better. Now you can have those 70's color in single needle work, or get those original 70's flash designs in better quality.