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Season number 13 proved to be not so lucky for "Ink Master," as it has been announced that the series will not be picked up for another season. 

The Paramount Network is looking to rebrand itself as the Paramount Movie Network. This means that they are turning their focus primarily towards movies—both Hollywood films and scripted made-for-TV features—and away from television series, according to Variety. A group of shows, including "Ink Master," "Wife Swap" and "Battle for the Fittest Couple" have been canceled by the network. Other shows, such as "Bar Rescue" will be moved to other networks also owned by ViacomCBS. 

In the tattoo world, the number 13 has always resonated. Where most people consider the number to be unlucky, within the tattoo world it is often treated as a totem in the opposite way, especially through the always popular Friday the 13th flash specials common among street shops. 

But the 13th season of "Ink Master" was plagued by problems from the start. Just prior to the premiere of the season, old pictures of Oliver Peck dressed in blackface resurfaced, leading the program to part ways with the longtime judge. The season had already been filmed, so even though Peck was no longer part of the show, he would still go on to appear in all of the episodes throughout Season 13. 

There was speculation about how the program would handle Peck's departure during the live finale, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the finale never took place. Thus making the final season of "Ink Master" the only season without a winner. 

Over the years, one of the main prizes contestants have competed for on "Ink Master" is a feature here in Inked Magazine. Now, while we accept that they probably cared a little more about winning the $100,000, that feature was one of our favorite pieces to work on over the years. 

This may not be the very end for "Ink Master," there is a chance the show will be picked up somewhere else. But until that happens, let's wallow in nostalgia for a bit and check out our myriad articles about the beloved tattoo competition show.