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That didn't take very long, now did it? 

After being canceled by The Paramount Network in September, "Ink Master" is scheduled to return. Details about the return are scarce, but Deadline is reporting that the show will be part of the slate of original programs eventually coming to the new streaming service. 

If you recall, Season 13 was a turbulent one for "Ink Master." Old photos of Oliver Peck, one of the show's three judges, surfaced just prior to the season premiere. Peck ended up leaving the show but since production had already wrapped—minus the live finale—he would still appear in every episode of the season. Then the pandemic hit and the scheduled live finale never happened, making Season 13 the lone edition of "Ink Master" without a champion. 

All of this means that we have a ton of questions going into Season 14, none of which have been answered yet. Here are a few of them and this humble writer's suggestion for how "Ink Master" should proceed moving forward. 

Will there be a third judge? 

Since Peck left the show after the season was filmed we never got an answer as to how the show would proceed moving forward. As far as we see it there are three possible solutions here. 1. Stick with the duo of Chris Nunez and Dave Navarro. 2.  Bring in a rotating panel of guest judges for each episode. 3. Bring in a new permanent judge. 

We think the third choice is the best of the group. There are plenty of people we would like to see in the chair so it's hard to endorse a single individual, but the one thing we are decided upon is that we want to see a female judge. 

Will the format change?

Let's be honest, after 13 season the show was getting a little stale, that's why nobody was shocked when Paramount initially pulled the plug. As the show gets a new lease on life, we wonder if they're going to take this opportunity to shake things up. We're not talking about a gimmick season like "Shop Wars," but a full rethinking of the entire format. We doubt this will happen, but this would be the time to get a little crazy and think outside the box. 

Will we get a Season 13 champion?

What better way to kick off a return than by settling unfinished business from Season 13? Is it strange to start a season by ending the old one? Sure! But we really want to see Angel Rose, Bob Jones and Jimmy Snaz go toe-to-toe to determine a champion. Hell, work it so whoever ends up winning becomes the third judge. Two birds, one stone. 

When we find out the answers to these questions and more, we'll let you know. Let us know what you think about "Ink Master" returning on social media.