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Tattoo artists Jonboy has taken a seat in the chair and let client Ashley Benson ink him during her session.

Ashley Benson, girlfriend of Cara Delevingne, is known for her work on hit television series Pretty Little Liars. She is also known for frequenting JonBoy for all of her inking needs, and now has three tattoos done by the artist. In her most recent visit, People Magazine says that Benson received "Pomme Frites" and "California" on her last visit to JonBoy's shop in his staple tiny script. 

Via Ashley Benson Instagram

Via Ashley Benson Instagram

Benson wasn't there to play games though, and eventually ended up tattooing the word "Titty" onto the artist's upper right thigh. Luckily, Benson posted a bunch of photos and video of the process to her Insta and it's great. In the video you can hear JonBoy calmly coaching Benson as she talks about how nervous she is to be giving the tattoo, and in the end the piece looks shaky but solid. 

Benson has one other tattoo (that we know of) from Jonboy that says "Squish," which is thought to have something to do with her relationship with Delevingne. JonBoy posted a photo with her tattoo saying "I love love," which hints at the meaning of the relationship.

Could JonBoy be planning allowing more celebs to tattoo him?