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The grief that follows the passing of a loved is often so overwhelming that it's impossible to experience any other emotion, particularly when the circumstances surround the death are tragic. Then, in the ensuing months, a ripple effect will roll through the community as people express their love for the deceased. It is here that the enormity of the loss can be fully understood, where you see the prominence a person had to those around them. In the months since Disney star Cameron Boyce passed away from complications of epilepsy the outpouring of affection from his peers has been immense, with many choosing to get tattoos symbolizing their friend. 

Karan Brar became the latest Disney star to honor Boyce with a tattoo, joining Dove Cameron in the notion. Brar, who worked alongside Boyce on shows including "Jessie" and "Bunk'd," drew on memories of his friend to design a truly touching tattoo.  

"A photo of Cam & I the day before his 19th birthday and part of a letter he wrote to me on my 15th birthday," Brar wrote on Instagram. "HUGE thank you to @unotattoonyc for doing such an amazing job- you are a legend my friend ❤️"

The impression Boyce left on Brar's life is immediately evident, the two were not only colleagues, but also great friends. One passion that the two shared was a dedication to bringing an end to gun violence, as seen through the work of Wielding Peace. In addition to the heartfelt tributes from those close to him, the efforts of the Cameron Boyce Foundation ensure that the actor's memory won't fade any time soon.