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Kevin Jonas is currently on tour with brothers Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas on the Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins Tour, which means he's away from wife Danielle and their daughters. Still, he can carry a piece of them wherever he goes.

Kevin Jonas went to BangBang NYC, getting an adorable tattoo of his daughter's favorite stuffed animals. Kevin and Danielle Jonas share daughters Alena, 5, and Valentina, 2. Danielle also got a tattoo by Dragon, showing off stars on her hip on her Instagram Story.

Dragon posted a photo of the tattoo, as well as the couple, on Instagram, suggesting they will be back in for more of the New York City artist’s work. The artist had also inked the pet memorial tattoo on Sophie Turner and Joe

The tattoo, of a stuffed bunny and teddy bear holding hands, is inked on Jonas' inner forearm. While the design is a simple line drawing, the piece holds a lot of meaning, as these stuffed animals are described as the daughters’ “sidekicks.”

"Newest piece to the collection thank you @Drag_Ink for making it come to life," Jonas' caption read. "Love bringing reminders of my girls with me everywhere I go!"

Fans are swooning over the piece, agreeing that it is adorable and sweet. One commenter added, "This is the best tattoo a dad could ever get!"