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BREAKING NEWS! Lady Gaga is rocking two brand new tattoos. On Valentine’s Day, Gaga celebrated by posting not one but two new tattoos to her social media.

In the past, Gaga has collected a number of impressive works of body art, however, over the years she’s taken breaks updating her fans on her growing collection. Yet in honor of the international day of love, Gaga shared some love to her new favorite tattooer by shouting out his good work.

Photo via Warner Bros

Photo via Warner Bros

Gaga got two new tattoos by celebrity artist Daniel Winter, or as he’s better known, Winter Stone. The first tattoo Gaga posted was a large, single-needle rose with the phrase “La Vie En Rose,” parsed between the thorns. “La Vie En Rose” is the name of a song by Edith Piaf, a French vocalist and Grammy Hall of Famer. In Gaga’s 2018 film, A Star is Born, she sings this song while performing at a bar and in 2015, she performed the song alongside Tony Bennett on their Cheek to Cheek tour. 

The second tattoo is a music sheet with the notes spelling out G A G A. She got the tattoo with her manager and friend Bobby Campbell, who has been part of her life since 2008. This isn’t the first tattoo that Gaga has gotten with a friend; fans may remember she got tattooed with her trumpet player, Brian Newman. Originally Gaga posted the tattoo with only four staff lines; however, after her fans pointed out the mistake, she was quick to have Stone revise the design. Luckily, her tattoo mistake was a much easier fix than Ariana Grande's!

If the name Winter Stone rings a bell for you, you may remember that he tattooed Demi Lovato on January 28th. Like Gaga, Lovato sourced Stone for a single needle rose tattoo. Stone has also tattooed other celebrities in the past, including Sophie Turner, who received flames on her index finger—which fans believe is a nod to her upcoming film X-Men: Dark Phoenix

We’re totally on board with Gaga’s new body art and love seeing Winter Stone thriving as the new celebrity tattooer to watch. Stay tuned for more Gaga tattoos as 2019 continues and let us know what tattoos Bradley Cooper should get for A Star is Born if he wins best actor at the 2019 Academy Awards.