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Ariana Grande breaks the internet with almost everything she does, especially when it comes to new tattoos. Last week, the "Thank U, Next" singer shocked social media by presenting a palm tattoo to her fans. And while much of the hype had to do with an obvious mistranslation, there's no greater time to address palm tattoos with the masses.

The palms are unlike most other tattooing locations on the body because their callused skin presents a tricky texture when applying a tattoo. Therefore, artists need to be strategic when it comes to creating a lasting palm tattoo for a client. So to prevent our readers from going down the wrong path and regretting their ink here are are our dos and don'ts for getting your palm tattooed.


Keep It Simple

Don't complicate a palm tattoo with intricate designs, shading, or color palettes. 

Palm tattoos are extremely prone to fading and falling out, which means simplistic designs with solid black will last the longest over time. Keep your design as simple and readable as possible, otherwise, you'll be left with an illegible mess.


Lots of Dots

Do opt for dot work in your design.

If you're not looking for a simple black outline, you can opt for dot work shading. Most other shading styles won't hold, however, saturated dot work can stand the tests of time if the dots are applied in multiple passes. This is because an artist applies dot shading like they would linework, depositing more pigment per dot than the wash-like shading you see in the whip technique.


Bold Will Hold

Do embrace bold, black and big designs.

Let us say this loud and clear: BOLD WILL HOLD. Small, intricate and delicate designs will fall out, but heavy blacks will stay saturated in the skin long after the tattoo has healed. Callused skin that is constantly in motion, like the palms, has a faster regrowth than other locations on the body, which means that tattoo ink fades or falls out at a faster rate. 


Second (or Third) Time's the Charm

Don't be a one pass wonder.

Even thick black lines are susceptible to fading and if you want a bold design for years to come, you may need a touchup or two. However, an artist who has experience applying palm tattoos will know tips and tricks for ensuring their clients won't need to come back in a few months time. According to celebrity tattoo artist Jon Mesa, whether a client will need a touch-up depends on the state of skin on their palms. "I've done palms where I've never had to make touch-ups if someone has really soft skin." He went on to explain that someone who works manual labor, and has rough hands because of it, may require additional visits.


Life-Altering Ink

Do understand the impact palm tattoos can have on your personal and professional life.

If you're not a celebrity like Ariana Grande, a palm tattoo can have a big impact on a normal person's social standing. It's unfortunate that other people's judgments can affect you, but the truth is that in certain professions, a palm or hand tattoo can be a job stopper. Many artists will turn down clients for this location if they're not fully committed to the tattoo lifestyle, to spare them from future regrets. Keep in mind the impact this type of tattoo can have on your opportunities and interactions before you get a permanent work of art.


What do you think of our dos and don'ts for palm tattoos? Would you get your palm tattooed? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and questions about this story in the comments section on Facebook.