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In this digital age, musicians are in a constant struggle to get their fans to actually buy physical albums. In what some may view as an extreme marketing approach, some artists have resorted to turning their skin into a walking billboard by getting neck tattoo tributes to their album. Just last week, Selena Gomez had "Rare" tattooed on her neck by Bang Bang. Now Machine Gun Kelly has gotten into the act, as Chuey Quintanar inked "Tickets to My Downfall" on the musician's neck. 

It's hard to pin down exactly what MGK is branding himself at any given time. Sometimes he's an actor, sometimes he's a rapper. Now, MGK fancies himself a punk rocker as he gets ready to release a pop-punk album. 

This shouldn't come as a surprise given his previous collaborations with folks like Travis Barker and that big ol' anarchy tattoo on his stomach. Now that we've gotten some more information about "Tickets to My Downfall," we're starting to get excited about the album's imminent release. Alt Press reported that the Barker-produced album will feature vocals from Bert McCracken from The Used.

There hasn't been enough research done to see if a neck tattoo will translate to robust album sales for MGK, but the lettering by Quintanar looks sharp and clean. It's a fantastic addition to MGK's extensive collection. Soon we'll get to see if the album is able to live up to the tattoo.