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Lonzo Ball famously covered his Triple Bs, and his tattoo artist Herchell Carrasco, exclusively told INKED, "Lonzo contacted me to cover the “BBB” logo ASAP and I came up with the idea of using dice. The 1, 2 ,3 dots represent all three brothers and they are their jersey numbers, new beginnings but still a tribute to the family."

And, while there is pressure from father, LaVar Ball, to remove any traces of ink on his sons’ bodies, the youngest Ball brother, LaMelo Ball, just started his tattoo collection, with a massive chest piece.

In an episode of Ball in the Family, LaVar saw LiAngelo’s torso ink on a spa day in Lithuania. LaVar said, “The fool went crazy and drew all over his body. You know I don’t like tattoos, so I guess when we get back home, you got somewhere else to stay because I ain’t letting you stay in my house with that all over your chest. Because I told you if you living in my presence, you better live my way.”

When LaVar saw LaMelo's "Fear" and "God" tattoos on his wrists the following 1 v 1 took place:

LaVar: What’s up, young buck? You got the real tats on there, dawg? Are you kidding me? Let me see them things on your arm.

Dude, what does that say?

LaMelo: Fear.

LaVar: And what’s the other one?

LaMelo: God.

LaVar: How about you fear me if I choke the hell out of you for getting them God damned tattoos? They say you get one, you get two, you get three, you get four. Next thing you know, you got tattoos on your neck, your back, your arm, your ass — all over the place.

Herchell Carrasco tattooed LaMelo with wings and his jersey number on his chest. Carrasco said the whole piece took about 4 hours to complete.

While Carrasco says there is about an hour left, LaMelo Ball took to Instagram to post a mirror selfie of his new ink.

Odell Beckham Jr commented, “I remember my first tattttttooo 😂😂”