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If you are in New York City, you need to get your ass down to our very own Inked NYC. We're giving out free Ozzy tattoos until 8 pm tonight. Tattoos are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We're only doing arms and legs, and you'll need to tip your artist. BUT, all of this buries the lede which is—FREE OZZY TATTOO. Below you can see the designs available. So hop on the Crazy Train and come to Inked NYC.  

You could fill a library simply by writing down every single myth or legend that has been told about Ozzy Osbourne over the years. While many of the tales may contain only a small iota of truth, one thing is abundantly clear—The Prince of Darkness knows how to party. 

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Osbourne is planning a truly epic party to celebrate the release of "Ordinary Man," his first solo album in a decade. This party is so huge that it can't be contained in one spot. Hell, it can't even be contained by a single country, it's truly international. Fifty different tattoo shops in 50 different cities around the globe will be opening their doors, blasting the album at full-rock volume and doing exclusive Ozzy-inspired tattoos. 

For those of you in Los Angeles, Osbourne will be doing an in-store signing of "Ordinary Man" at Amoeba Records on Friday, February 21. 

Ozzy_Parlors_1080x1350_v1.1.jpg _updated_

From Amsterdam to Wroclaw, people all around the world are going to be getting inked to celebrate the latest album from Ozzy Osbourne. We'll see you there.