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Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne have taken their friendship to the next level and even sparked relationship rumors by revealing their matching red-inked rose tattoos to the world. The pair showcased their new tattoos on the red carpet to the Oscar 2021 Afterparty on Sunday night while sporting coordinating outfits, only adding more fuel to the fire.

Jackson shared with her followers on Instagram that the matching set was done by LA-based artist Piccle Party and done in their signature fine line style, with both Jackson and Delevinge sporting the red roses on their arms.

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Red ink has seen an increase in popularity in recent years due to its bold and powerful nature. Jackson and Delevingne, much like the rest of their famous peers, are not immune to the red ink fever taking the entertainment industry by storm.

No strangers to getting tattooed, Jackson and Delevingne have collections of roughly 50 and 20 tattoos, respectively. Jackson’s most famous tattoos include a tribute to her late father, singer Michael Jackson, by sporting a tattoo inspired by his 1991 album “Dangerous” on her arm and a matching set of Chakra tattoos on her sternum and back.

While Delevingne’s famous tattoos include the controversial micro lion on her right index finger and “Made in England” on the bottom of her foot, both tattoos were done by Delevingne’s frequent collaborator Bang Bang in NYC. Delevingne is also particularly fond of matching tattoos, sharing designs with fellow models Kaia Gerber and Jourdan Dunn, and ex-girlfriend Ashley Benson.

At this time we don’t know why Jackson and Delevinge decided to go for roses, but we do know that getting matching tattoos is the sign that you care deeply about the person you’re sharing the tattoo with, and a sign that you’re together even when you’re miles away.

Let us know what you think about matching tattoos. Would you ever get a matching tattoo with a friend?