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Is there any profession more universally loathed than dentists? It's not that dentists are bad people, far from it. It's just that having dental work done is one of the most uncomfortable and frightening things we have to do on a semi-regular basis. When I was a kid, my dentist had a weird Atari game that was a rip-off of Space Invaders with a dental theme. It was supposed to calm kids down right before the horror that went down once you went into the big chair. It didn't work very well. 

Dr. Thomas Connelly DDS has come up with a gimmick way better than that stupid video game—tattoos. The well-known dentist shared photos over the weekend showing Inked favorite Post Malone getting ready to have some serious work done. Connelly was taking care of Malone's pearly whites while the tattoo artist Ganga added a black-and-grey piece to his right leg. 

"Epic work gong down on the legend @postmalone ..... wait for it," Connelly wrote in the Instagram post. We haven't gotten a look at the after photos of the dental work just yet, but what we have seen is the kickass skeleton Ganga added to Malone's collection. 

As Ganga shared in his Instagram post, this may have been the first time that tattooing and dentistry have been mixed together. "Thank you so much for your trust," Ganga wrote. "The first time in the world that this is done! In the operating room working hand in hand with @connellydds ❤️ more news soon!"

It appears to us that Malone just had the first-ever enjoyable trip to the dentist. On the one hand, getting tattooed while having dental surgery sounds like a double dose of pain. On the other, nitrous oxide is powerful stuff and waking up with new chompers and a rad tattoo sounds pretty great. Sign us up. 

There's one last thing we were curious about—do you think Malone's dental insurance covered the cost of the tattoo?