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Post Malone has yet again declared 2020 the year of the face tattoo, and might end up running out of ink real estate by the time the year is over at the rate he's visiting tattoo artists. In a recent Instagram post, it was shared that Post Malone has added yet another face tattoo to his collection. This time? A hammer next to the sword on his right cheek done by Zachary Lowhorn.

It looks like this wasn't the only tattoo Posty decided to get that night, rapper Tyla Yaweh shared video of his and Post's new "Posty Co" wrist tattoos. To keep track, that means Post got two face tattoos in the month of February, as well as a wrist tattoo—and we aren't even halfway through the month yet. We can assume that the tattoos were done after Posty enjoyed his Olive Garden dinner in Indiana—where he is currently visiting on his North American tour. Pasta, concerts, and tattoos—what else could you want?

This hammer makes Post's third face tattoo since the year began, but the singer has been getting face tattoos for nearly three years now. With a huge mace and chain on the side of his face, and a ton of smaller, scattered pieces (including that fresh buzz saw) Post doesn't seem to be slowing down with his face tattoo game. If anything, 2020 has been the year he's sped up his inking process. 

At this point Post is the celeb face tattoo guru, but he's seeming to run out of space. Will the face tattoos stop? Or will the designs keep get smaller? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.