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It's hard to believe that it's only been 26 days since the last time we wrote an article about Post Malone getting a face tattoo. Yet, here we are again, about to tell you that the rapper was able to squeeze in another tattoo onto his very crowded face. Grab a bag of Doritos, sit back and prepare to see Post Malone's new tattoo. 

OK, the tattoo likely isn't real as it was part of a Doritos commercial. And Post Malone is most definitely not going to be going by the name of Post Limón going forward, although we can hope. Let's be honest, if Post really did get a tattoo of the Doritos triangle on his face you wouldn't be surprised, would you? 

All of the hype that surrounds Super Bowl commercials is beyond ridiculous. With commercials costing upwards of $5 million, there are a lot of expectations tied to each one. A lot of the time this leads to brands trying just a bit too hard and falling flat on their face. And some of us yearn for the simplicity of the Bud Bowl. This Doritos ad made us smile, perhaps we even let out a chortle, and that's all you can really ask of a Super Bowl commercial.