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Over the years, we've become accustomed to seeing celebrities get tattoos on their face, hands and neck. In fact, it's practically a requirement for today's hip-hop artists. One of the most visibly tattooed musicians pumping out hits today is Post Malone. Malone has added numerous face tattoos to his collection over the years—from his Nirvana inspired "Stay Away" script to the now infamous "Always Tired" to the flail he added to his chin at the tail end of 2019. He's nearly run out of real estate on his face, however, his head is an open canvas.

On June 22nd, Malone revealed a fresh tattoo—a skull on the right side of his head. "I have cut my hair even shorter, also skeletons are cool," Malone wrote in the photo's caption. "Spread your heart as much as you can. A little love goes farther than you think. Stay strong, and keep kicking ass. Love, Austin." The post caught plenty of attention on social media, gaining over 3,707,000 likes and heaps of comments from fans.

What do you think of Post Malone's brand new tattoo? What do you think he should get tattooed on the other side of his head? Would you consider tattooing your head? What about your face? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on social media.