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Like many supermodels, Cindy Crawford put her modeling on hold in order to settle down and raise a family. In 1998, Crawford married nightclub entrepreneur and former model, Rande Gerber, and just a year later, they had their first child—Presley Walker Gerber, born on July 2nd, 1999. Presley was later joined by a younger sister Kaia Jordan Gerber, who was born on September 3rd 2001. Like their mother, both Presley and Kaia pursued modeling. Presley has worked with a number of big brands and publications over the years, including "GQ Style Mexico," Superdry, Prabal Gurung and "Paper."

Over the years, both Presley and his sister Kaia have committed their skin to tattoos. Before even turning 18, Kaia caught the attention of the media for her tattoo collection—which includes a number of small pieces by JonBoy and Evan Kim. In fact, just last month, the pair got tattooed together by Kim at his NYC private studio.

However, while Kaia has committed to small tattoos which go relatively unnoticed while on the runway or can easily be edited out in a photograph, her brother has chosen to go bold with his collection.

On Saturday, February 8th, Presley and his tattoo artist JonBoy revealed the model's newest tattoo, which was the word "Misunderstood." And while the word may be a conversation starter on its own, it was the placement that really caught people's attention. Presley placed the tattoo below his right eye, making this his first face tattoo. While the 20-year-old already has a number of job stoppers, including several pieces on his neck and hands, this is his most ballsy tattoo yet.

Does this mean Presley is going to make a rap debut? What do you think Cindy Crawford thinks of this tattoo? Let us know your thoughts on social media.