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Any time that I see somebody with a sports team's logo tattooed on them, I think about how hardcore their fandom must be. Casual fans don't mark themselves for life, it's only for the diehards. These are the kind of people who have been to more games than they can count. The kind of people who remember life events entirely based upon what their team was doing at the time. For example, I have no idea what date my best friend got married, but I know that it was during Game 1 of the 2004 World Series. People with a team's logo are the kind of people that name their child Seven in honor of their favorite player. 

The way I see it, sports team tattoos are earned. If you spend enough years putting the time in to follow a team through thick and thin, especially through thin, then you can eventually show your loyalty with a tattoo. But what if you've never even seen the team play a game? What if, and hear me out here, the team hasn't even played a single game in their existence? 

One crazy Seattle Kraken fan went and got a tattoo of the NHL team's logo more than a year before the team takes the ice for the first time. As of right now, the team doesn't have any players, so fans will have to hold off on getting those personalized jerseys for a bit, thus, I see how the tattoo makes sense. The tattoo belongs to Reddit user Seaside_suicide, who described the piece as "My love for the game of hockey and the city of Seattle came together today."

Seattle sports fans are known for their passion, and they've all been hurting inside since the Supersonics were stolen away to Oklahoma City. We're not surprised to see them leaping headfirst into Kraken fandom, but a tattoo is permanent. Seaside_suicide better have a cover-up planned in case another team ends up getting stolen from Seattle. Limbs don't burn as easily as jerseys, and it's a little more painful.