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How many times have you looked at the world around you and said, "Damn, I wish I had a spaceship to get the hell out of here?"

I don't know about you, but I have thought this pretty much every single day since I was 4. Earth is annoying and filled with all sorts of things I find distasteful. Like people and jobs and snakes. I often dream about what it would be like to jump into a spaceship (or rocket or shuttle or some other contraption aimed towards the stars) and leave. 

Now, to be perfectly clear, I'm not talking about spending a million bucks to go into space for 10 minutes like in that grift by the Virgin Records guy. I'm talking about leaving this planet for good and living among the Martians and Titans and Klingons, oh my. 

Unfortunately, I'm not exactly NASA material. I wear glasses. I have a tender tummy and would probably hurl within seconds of liftoff. I don't understand basic physics and I'm shockingly terrible at math. I work for a tattoo magazine writing article about wanting to leave this Earth in a spaceship, not exactly the kind of career experience NASA is looking for when they sign up new astronauts. 

Unless an alien ship shows up in New York City looking for a tattoo journalist to run some weird science projects on, it looks like I'm stuck here on Earth, daydreaming about a better life among the stars. So I've turned my focus towards what I know best—tattoos. I've compiled this gallery of spaceship tattoos on this boring old Wednesday afternoon, wishing that one of them would stop by the office and pick me up for an intergalactic adventure. 

But, if this is posted and you're reading it, chances are I just kept being stuck at work. Sigh.