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Along with many getting ink to carry on the memory of late rapper Nipsey Hussle, including Rick Ross, JR Smith, Texas Tech’s Brandone Francis, and Roddy Ricch, The Game most recently joined the club.

The Game shared a photo of himself in front of the Marathon store, where Nipsey lost his life.

"As we prepare to lay you to rest tomorrow, the city is hurt," Game wrote. "Family, friends & fans from far & near are unified in your memory bro.... your legacy will never be forgotten as long as I walk the earth. Thank you for everything that you were. I love you forever Nip & I will do my part in making sure THE MARATHON continue."

Along with sharing his respects, as well as his ink honoring Hussle, The Game has been outspoken about his hopes that memorial service attendees will “keep the peace.”

"It's sad out here. That was my homie, man. That was a real, real, real, real good friend of mine, and his passing, as tragic as it was, it's beautiful to see all the people that are apart of carrying on his legacy and showing him love,” The Game said. “I think that's amazing. I think that now what we need to do as a city, as a culture, is to just pay our respects, be quiet as possible, and just continue to spread love.”

He continued, "Everyone gotta govern themselves accordingly and for me...we all just gotta pay respect and keep the moment of silence going for Nip and his family and his legacy. That's it."

The rapper had said that his "emotions are just all mixed up" and that his "homie's gone and that needs to be respected so that's all I'm gonna say,” when asked what he has been feeling.