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There once was a time when Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee was one of the most tattooed people in all of music. It was the explosion of hair metal in the '80s that led to people associating tattoos with rock musicians. But times have changed, tattoos have become far more mainstream and celebrities are adding tattoos in places they never dreamed of in the past—on their faces. 

These aren't Lee's first face tattoos—he's had a grouping of stars around his temple for a while—but they are much bolder than his previous ones. 

On one side of his face, Lee added some dots above his eyebrow as well as a stylized bass and treble clef upside down and making a heart. On the other side of his face, tattooer Mario Barth inked what appears to be a pair of Japanese characters on Lee's sideburn area. Given the prominent placement, we hope that Lee didn't make one of the most common tattoo mistakes, because it would be pretty embarrassing to have incorrect characters on one's face. 

Lee now joins a magical fraternity of musicians with prominent face tattoos, including Post Malone, Lil' Wayne and a seemingly infinite number of Soundcloud rappers. Pretty cool. Maybe they can all get together and make an album together one of these days. 

We can't wait to see if Lee adds more to his budding facial tattoo collection. And if he does, you know that you'll find it right here at