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As an avid tattoo collector, Travis Barker has been tattooed by some of the world's best artists. The list includes such luminaries as Chuey Quintanar, Dr. Woo, Mr. Cartoon, Franco Vescovi, Mark Mahoney and many others. Now he can add Travis Barker to the list. 

While Barker had famously scratched a girl's name into his skin when he was in middle school, this time around he was using an actual machine and the result doesn't look half bad. 

The script saying "Youre So Cool" with a heart is an homage to the film "True Romance." Alabama (played by Patricia Arquette) writes the note to Clarence (Christian Slater) shortly before everything goes to shit. 


Now, because this is America in 2021, the internet has to be abuzz about every little aspect of a celebrity's life. Admittedly, that's why this article is even being written in the first place. Thus, the immediate reaction among folks in a certain corner of the internet was to speculate whether or not the handwriting belonged to Kourtney Kardashian. We don't know whether or not it was Kardashian's handwriting, but if you ask the opinion of this amateur graphologist, it looks like a pretty dead-on replica of Arquette's handwriting.

Regardless of who wrote the note, we do have to say that it's a pretty solid tattoo. Except, Travis, buddy, can you please wear gloves next time? A tattoo is still an open wound, even if it is your own open wound, it can still get infected pretty easily by something on your hand, no matter how well you washed up. Gloves. Please.