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Tyla Yaweh's newest album, Heart Full of Rage, solidifies his artist-on-the-rise status. Calling himself the next Michael Jackson through “She Bad,” Yaweh’s genre-defying debut project is full of independent hits, while still achieving the execution of a cohesive, rich body of work. 

Tyla brought his magnetic energy to Inked Headquarters, where we set him up on The Big Couch with a couple joints. #FuckTheRules

Photography by Peter Roessler @ShootMePeter

Photography by Peter Roessler @ShootMePeter

Congratulations on getting signed to London Ent. How did you celebrate?

*Points to joint* This. *laughs*

I drank a lot of Tequila. And then I went straight to a rehearsal for tour actually, and it was pretty fun. You know, I was drunk during rehearsal like two days before I actually went on tour, and then it was just like a movie. It was a blessing. It was like a dream come true.

Who did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to a lot of music. Being around my family, they had gospel music. But I chose to listen to emo, classic rock, and metal. Like Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance, then I go to Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Talking Heads, and go to Green Day. Then listening to rap, like Lil Wayne, MF Doom, Pharrell, Kid Cudi, that was stuff that I liked. I just love music. Anything I hear I’m gonna enjoy it.

Photography by Peter Roessler

Photography by Peter Roessler

And that collection of inspiration, from hip-hop and R&B, to a more pop sphere, definitely comes out in Heart Full of Rage. What do you hope fans take away from this album?

The experience and the emotions, you know? I want to show people you can do whatever you want and to love life and have a good time. I want people to rage. Go out, have fun. Crowd surf, mosh pit, enjoy the life and enjoy the moments. I also want to spread positive energy through sharing the experiences I went through, and hopefully listeners can relate.

What is the story behind the title?

Well, I was on tour with my brother Yung Pinch and I was just going through so many different emotions of changes, and happiness, and understanding life. Just speaking different emotions. That's what Heart Full Of Rage stands for. All your emotions are bottled up in your heart, and you just let it all express itself out of the imagination of whatever you want it to be. Live life. Rage out. Enjoy it.

Photography by Peter Roessler

Photography by Peter Roessler

What are your pre-show rituals?

I be chillin. Smoke a lot of weed. Then straight to the stage, to mosh pit, crowd surf, and moonwalk all in one.

Aside from skateboarding are there any little known facts that fans might not know about you?

When I was in summer school I wanted to be Criss Angel so I used to cut all the people’s yards in my neighborhood in fourth grade. I was a little hustler. $10 in the front, $10 in the back. I saved up and got a bunch of different magic kits and learned a lot of tricks. I used to freak the kids out at school.

Do you remember any magic tricks you can show us?

No, I’m too high.

Photography by Peter Roessler

Photography by Peter Roessler

What would be your magician name if music didn’t work out?

*laughing* Cuff Daddy.

What is your favorite Post Malone memory?

Man, we got a lot. When I beat him four times in beer pong though.

Tell us about your broken-heart tattoos.

I have a lot of broken-heart tattoos all over me. That’s my favorite structure. I’m not broken-hearted but having a theme all over my body is dope to me. It’s an art form. I fuck wit it.

Photography by Peter Roessler

Photography by Peter Roessler

Where did you start with your face tattoos?

I got my broken heart under my eye and started getting more. I got my eyelids tattooed recently in Sweden and they say “Good Vibes.” I got that for my brother XXXTentacion. He had “Bad Vibes” but I’m always good vibes. But it’s for him at the end of the day.

Birdman and Wayne started the whole face-tattoo wave. I respect Birdman because he taught me a lot and gave me a lot of advice. They made me want face tattoos.

Do you have a favorite tattoo?

I got a lot of favorites actually. I got my brother XXX Forever, [for late rapper, XXXTentacion.] Rest in Peace, and some other friends, Rest In Peace. I got Fuck The Rules, on my neck which is my motto. Didn’t hurt at all.

And the name of your upcoming project?

Yeah, I wanted to name my project “Fuck The Rules,” but for marketing reasons we changed it to “F The Rules,” but one day I’ll come out with it.

Photography by Peter Roessler

Photography by Peter Roessler

Do you have plans for your next tattoo?

No, and I don’t want to finish the unfinished ones. Because they’re a memory, you know? I don’t rush to get my tattoos. When the moment is right, that’s when I know. But I am finishing the Jim Morrison on my stomach.

Morrison is your only portrait tattoo. Why him?

He is just such an inspiration to me. He could make anything happen if you just believe in yourself. His story and my story kind of adds up the same. We both moved from a small town to California, and went homeless for it. For the love of the art. Started from nothing and became something.

Dream place to tour?

Japan. There’s so many people. It’s small, but big. I want to meet new people. The farthest I’ve been to is Australia.

Photography by Peter Roessler

Photography by Peter Roessler

What mark do you want to leave in the music industry?

I just want to be a household name, I just wanna keep giving people a good message: Live life. Be happy. Spread positivity.

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“Make sure you get Heart Full of Rage. Catch me on tour this summer so we can rage hard. Love you guys.”

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