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Vanessa Hudgens, the star of countless Disney productions and the now showing "Bad Boys For Life," had herself a pretty epic couple of days in New York City. Wednesday night, Hudgens had some pretty bomb ass seats to see her Los Angeles Lakers whoop up on the Knicks. Then on Thursday, #ThirstyThursday if you will, Hudgens went out with friends and ended up in a tattoo chair at Bang Bang. 

The man with the plan for the tattoo was Dragon, a South Korean artist who specializes in tiny realism, often in color. The placement of the little sunflower that Dragon tattooed was absolutely impeccable, right on the side of the breast. Here at Inked, we've championed sideboob tattoos for years, and the example above serves as Exhibit A as to why it's the perfect spot for a small banger. 

The tattooer had some really touching things to say about his celebrity client. "Of course, you're even more beautiful than the flowers @vanessahudgens 😘," Dragon posted on Instagram. Thank you so much. See you next time👋🏻"

This wasn't the first tattoo for Hudgens, she was tattooed by Bang Bang way back before he was known as the go-to artist for the rich and famous. So we're guessing that this won't be her last tattoo, either. Keep an eye on, and if Hudgens ends up getting another sexy tattoo, you know that we'll have it for you first.