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32-year-old bombshell Vany Vicious may have more than 616K followers on Instagram, but the followers of her online business brings her thousands of dollars a month, equalling to about $12,000 a year. Through this online business, the tattoo model offers post-workout panties, day-worn socks, or sultry undies after some sweaty sex. Vany Vicious charges up to $100 per pair.

"I started doing it because my fans were asking for it a lot. They also ask for used socks,” Vany said. "I started a couple of months ago and each pair can go from $50-$100 depending on the activity.”

The tattoo model started her tattoo collection at 14, starting on MySpace before becoming an Instagram sensation. Much of her sleeve work was done by tattoo artist Paul Schnell.

The now 32-year-old is a blackbelt in taekwondo, and between modelling, going to the gym and getting Girl Boss shit done between her two businesses- Haute Floss and Throwback Garage - Vany Vicious enjoys spending time with her dogs.

Both Haute Floss and Throwback Garage is centered around affordable clothes, jewellery and swimwear for women. She started these businesses saying, “I know this modelling thing will not last forever, people get old.”

As Vany Vicious is a veteran in the modelling industry, she advises aspiring models: "Trust your instinct when doing photoshoots, don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable, ever."