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This year, we saw many great tattoos. At the same time, for every amazing tattoo there was one so horrible it made our jaws drop. No matter how mainstream tattooing gets and how much we try to encourage people to go to reputable, professional artists, they don't listen. In fact, we're pretty sure there are more terrible tattoos than ever before.

While Inked Mag is your go-to source for exceptional body art, Sucky Tattoos is the bad tattoo equivalent, This page has gained extreme notoriety on social media for the Sucky Panther and has expanded to showcase the best of the worst in tattooing. From misspelling disasters to horrific head pieces to WTF celebrity portraits, these tattoos are wrong in every possible way. The enthusiasts behind these tattoos truly blow our minds, because we cannot imagine why they decided to go through with these terrible tattoos. Seriously, we cannot find anything good to say about these "pieces." But hey, at least there's laser—am I right? Take a look at 35 of the worst tattoos shared by Sucky Tattoos in 2020, then let us know the best of the worst from this list in the comments section on social media. Bring on the bad tattoos!