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Aaron Carter has been on quite the wild ride over the past few years. In 2017, he gained international attention after appearing on "The Doctors" and weighing a staggering 115 lbs. He went into rehab shortly after and by 2018, he was successfully acclimating to therapy  and had upped his weight to 160 lbs. However, in 2019, Carter caused concern once again after getting a shocking face tattoo that left many questioning his mental health.

In September 2019, Carter got a large face tattoo by Herchell Carrasco, who's also responsible for giving face tattoos to 6ix9ine and Blueface. Carter and Carrasco collaborated on a Medusa design, which was inspired by a 2013 British GQ cover starring Rihanna. And although Carter initially flaunted the design on Instagram, he soon came to regret the piece.

After debating getting the piece lasered, Carter ultimately decided to get the tattoo touched up by a different artist instead. This time, Carter went to black-and-grey artist Ceaz Franco, who's based out of Hacienda Heights, California. Both Franco and Carter's girlfriend, Melanie Martin, took to Instagram to report on the tattoo.

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And although a finished photo of the tattoo is yet to be released, we can tell that Franco added some shading to create contrast in the piece. Will the coverup be an improvement to Carter's original design? Well, we'll have to wait and see.

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What do you think about Carter's tattoo saga? Would you get a face tattoo? Should Carter have waited for laser? Let us know your thoughts on this story on social media.

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