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In this week of "celebrities getting face tattoos," we once again welcome Amanda Bynes. Bynes is a former child actress who was wildly successful on Nickelodeon, and eventually found herself struggling with addiction as she entered into adulthood. Last year, Bynes checked herself into rehab—and since then, she's hit quite a few major milestones. Including getting two face tattoos, and getting engaged.

Bynes posted a photo to her Instagram today showing what looks like a new heart tattoo right above her eyebrow, with her brand new fiancé by her side. This comes about a month after Bynes shared the first image of her very first face tattoo—a wonky little heart on her cheek. Though the most recent picture of Amanda is too blurry to definitively say if the new black mark is a tattoo or what shape it makes, it seems that the ink could be a small black heart. But you should tell us your guesses.

Now back to that whole fiancé thing—Bynes announced her engagement via Instagram the day after Valentine's Day. According to Pop Culture, Bynes met her new man while they were both attending AA. The pair have been dating for "several months" according to Pop Culture, making some people question the validity of the engagement—but love is love, and people can marry who they please. 

Before her engagement and face tattoos, Bynes had just recently re-entered the public eye after privately fighting addiction issues. In 2018, Bynes did an interview with Paper Magazine and many people thought this marked her come back. In 2019 though, Bynes checked herself into a sober living facility where she stayed until December of 2019 when she eventually checked herself out.